English Writing Exercises for A1 – An article


1. Read the text about Northwick. Match each paragraph (1-3) with one of the topics below.

eating out      entertainment      getting around      history

places of interest      places to stay      shopping

Paragraph 1 topic: ________.

Paragraph 2 topic: ________.

Paragraph 3 topic: ________.

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1) places of interest   2) getting around   3) places to stay


1) Northwick is a very interesting town. the streets are very narrow. Every Saturday, there’s a market in the square – a tradition that is about 500 years old! And near the town, Northwick Hall is the old home of Lord Northwick, a friend of Queen Victoria.

2) One of the best things about Northwick is the public transport. There are lots of trams and buses, and tickets are cheap. Also, there are no cars in the centre, so it’s nice to walk or cycle there.

3) There are two hotels: The Residence and The Eastgate. Both are comfortable, but the rooms at The Residence are larger. There is also a youth hostel. The youth hostel is very cheap, but you have to share a room with other people.

2. In the model text above, find the name of this building near Northwick.



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Northwick Hall

Writing Strategy

Write in paragraphs of two or more sentences. Give each paragraph its own topic and introduce the topic in the first sentence. Plan your paragraphs before you begin writing.

3. Read the Writing Strategy. Then answer questions 1 and 2.

1) Which paragraph (1-3) in the model text does not begin with a sentence to introduce the topic?

  Paragraph   _________

2) Which is the best sentence to introduce that paragraph: a, b or c?

a I think The Residence is the best hotel in Northwick.

b Northwick is very popular for a number of reasons.

c For people who need somewhere to stay, Northwick offers a wide choice.

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1) Paragraph 3    2) c

Writing Guide

4. Look at the paragraph plan below for an article about a town called Southport. Read the notes and write the topic for each paragraph. Use topics from exercise 1.

Paragraph 1 topic: ________.

–  small town (20,000 people) but lost of restaurants

–  pubs – good food at good prices

–  _________

Paragraph 2 topic: ________.

–  famous for art shops – but expensive!

–  large shopping centre outside town

–  _________

Paragraph 3 topic: ________.

–  zoo outside town – small but interesting

–  two pubs have live music – local bands only

–  _________

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1) eating out   2) shopping   3) entertainment

5. Add sentences a-c to the paragraph plan in exercise 4.

a small shops in town centre

b cinema – cheaper tickets on Thursdays

c  great fish and chip shop – cheap!

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Paragraph 1: great fish and chip shop – cheap!

Paragraph 2: small shops in town centre

Paragraph 3: cinema – cheaper tickets on Thursdays

6. Write an article about Southport using the plan from exercise 4, including the extra sentences from exercise 5.

Extra exercises


When we join two clauses with and we can sometimes omit some of the words.

The waiters are friendly and the waiters are helpful.

The drinks are cheap and the snacks are cheap.

1. Read the Strategy. Cross out the words we can omit from the sentences.

1) The restaurant serves lunch and the restaurant serves dinner.

2) There’s chicken on the menu and there’s lamb on the menu.

3) Their uniforms are smart and their uniforms are comfortable.

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1) the restaurant serves  

2) on the menu, there’s  

3) their uniforms are

2. Write an article for a student magazine describing a restaurant in your town. Include information about:

–  the location.

–  the restaurant.

–  the food.

–  the service.