English Writing Exercises for A1 – A personal profile


1. Complete the personality adjectives using a, e, i, o and u. Then tick the three most important, in your opinion.

a cr__t__ v__

b fr__ndly

c h__rd-w__rk__ng

d d__n__st

e p__t__nt

f p__l__t__

g s__ns__bl__

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a creative   b friendly   c hard-working   d honest

e patient   f polite   g sensible

Writing Strategy 1

You can use contraction (e.g. I’m and she’s) in letters to friends and family, emails and other informal texts.

2. Read Writing Strategy 1. Then rewrite the sentences below using contractions instead of full forms.

1) name is Megan and I am sixteen.

      name’s Megan and I’m sixteen.

2) dad is not English. He is Russian.


3) I have got two brothers. They are ten and twelve.


4) We have got two dogs. They are both black.


5) mum is a doctor.


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2) dad isn’t English. He’s Russian.

3) I’ve got two brothers. They’re ten and twelve.

4) We’ve got two dogs. They’re both black.

5) mum’s a doctor.

3. Read the personal profile below. Underline three full forms which could be contractions.

1) Hello! name’s Sam and I’m sixteen years old. I live in Brighton with parents and two sisters. They are twelve and fourteen.

2) We all go to Millwood Secondary School. It is a large school, but it’s very friendly. I love it! favourite subjects are art and drama. I’m very creative!

3) At weekends, I play tennis and volleyball and I go swimming. I also have piano lessons – but I am not very good!

4) ambition is to become an actor. I want to be on TV and in films one day.

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1) They are twelve and fourteen.

2) It is a large school ___

3) ___ but I am not very good!

4) ambition is to become an actor.

4. In which paragraph (1-4) does Sam write about these topics?

a ambitions

b home and family

c school

d hobbies and interests

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a 4   b 1   c 2   d 3

5. Choose the correct preposition to complete these sentences.

1) I ride bike forto school every day.

2) I play basketball towith friends.

3) I listen towith music on the bus.

4) I’m atin Year 12.

5) brother is aton university.

6) I have guitar lessons atin the weekend.

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1) to   2) with   3) to   4) in   5) at   6) at

Writing Guide

Writing Strategy 2

Always write in paragraphs. A paragraph usually contains two or more sentences about the same topic. When you prepare a piece of writing, make a paragraph plan.

6. Read Writing Strategy 2. Then complete the paragraph plan for Harry’s profile. Add the words and phrases below to the correct part of the plan.

become a doctor      football and rugby      listen to music

pet dog       travel around the world      two brothers

Westford School      Year 11

Paragraph 1: Home and family

Paragraph 2: School

Paragraph 3: Hobbies and interests

Paragraph 4: Ambitions

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1) pet dog, two brothers

2) Westford School, Year 11

3) football and rugby, listen to music

4) become a doctor, travel around the world

7. Imagine you are Harry. Write a personal profile using the paragraph plan from exercise 6. Invent extra details.

Extra exercises


When you write a personal profile. Start each paragraph with a short sentence introducing the topic. Then continue with one or two sentences which give examples or expand on the topic.

1. Read the Strategy. Then match two sentences a-h with introduction sentences 1-4.

1) Hi! I’m Poppy Evans.   ______

2) I play tennis in free time.   ______

3) At home, I usually help with the housework.   ______

4) I’m friendly and very hard-working.   ______

a I tidy bedroom on Saturday mornings.

b I enjoy talking to people.

c I’m sixteen years old.

d I always load the dishwasher after dinner.

e I’m in the school team.

f I’m in Year 11 at Bristol Grammar School.

g We sometimes play matches at the weekend.

h I want to go to university when I finish school.

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1) c, f 2) e, g 3) a, d 4) b, h

2. Imagine you are looking for a summer job in a hotel. Write a personal profile about yourself to post on a jobs website. Include the information below.

–  Your name, how old you are and what year you are in at school.

–  What you do in your free time.

–  What housework you usually do at home.

–  What your personality is like.