English Vocabulary Exercises for A1 – Sports and hobbies

1. Label pictures 1-16 with the words below.

basketball      climbing      cycling      dancing      football      golf

gymnastics      ice hockey      ice skating      karate      skiing      surfing

swimming      table tennis      volleyball      yoga





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1) ice skating   2) climbing   3) gymnastics   4) surfing

5) swimming   6) volleyball   7) cycling   8) football

9) dancing   10) yoga   11) golf   12) skiing   13) ice hockey

14) table tennis   15) karate   16) basketball

2. Complete the sentences with the correct form of play, go or do.

1) I ________. roller skating with friends yesterday.

2) We ________. badminton in the garden. Do you want to join us?

3) dad ________. athletics when he was at school.

4) I ________. judo on Mondays after school.

5) sister ________. aerobics every weekend.

6) We sometimes ________. handball in P.E. lessons.

7) Do you want to ________. skateboarding now?

8) father ________. tennis for the UK in the 1980s.

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1) went   2) ’re playing   3) did   4) do   5) does   6) play   7) go   8) played

3. Work in pairs. Match each group below (1-4) with as many sports and activities from exercises 1 and 2 as possible.

1) You need a ball for these:




2) You need water, ice or snow for these:




3) You only need one person for these:




4) These nearly always take place outside:




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1) basketball, football, golf, table tennis, volleyball, handball, tennis

2) ice hockey, ice skating, skiing, surfing, swimming

3) climbing, cycling, dancing, golf, gymnastics, skiing, surfing, swimming, yoga, roller skating, athletics, aerobics, skateboarding, ice skating

4) football, golf, skiing, surfing, skateboarding, tennis

4. Listen. Match each speaker (1-4) with two sports and hobbies from exercises 1 and 2.

Speaker 1: ___________ and ______________

Speaker 2: ___________ and ______________

Speaker 3: ___________ and ______________

Speaker 4: ___________ and ______________

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1) basketball and table tennis   2) gymnastics and yoga

3) climbing and karate   4) skiing and ice skating

5. Listen again. Match each speaker (1-4) with one of the sentences (a-f) below. There are two extra sentences.

This speaker:

a learned a new sport at school.   ____.

b does one of the activities at home.   ____.

c is keen to watch the Winter Olympics one day.   ____.

d played sport with three friends last summer.   ____.

e plans to take part in the Olympic Games.   ____.

f is not keen on sports in general.   ____.

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1) a  2)3) f  4) c

The extra sentences are D and E.



I really enjoy ball games. favourite is basketball. I play that every weekend with a big group of friends in the park. And a few months ago, I started a new sport: table tennis. They taught us the rules in P.E. at school. I loved it! Now I play it at the sports centre every Wednesday.


I love sport, but I’m not keen on ball games. I prefer individual activities. Maybe I just don’t enjoy competing. Anyway, it’s important to be active. I do gymnastics twice a week at the local sports centre. And I do yoga at home, with mum. We’ve got a DVD. We do it in the living room, in front of the TV!


I’m not a big fan of sport, but we have to do it at school. Fortunately, there’s a big choice of different sports. Last year, I chose climbing. I’m good at that, because I sometimes go with dad at weekends. This year, I’m doing karate. I don’t really enjoy it, but I’m good at it – because I’m strong!


I was born in Canada. Maybe that’s why I like winter sports. I’m really good at skiing, because we go every year. And when I was five, I started ice skating. I really want to go to the Winter Olympics one year – just to watch. I’m not good enough to take part!

Extra exercises

1. Read the definitions and write the name of a sport.

1) Physical exercises that people do in classes, with music.   ________.

2) A game for two teams of five players who try to throw a ball into a high net.   ________.

3) A game that you play by hitting a small ball into holes with a long stick.   ________.

4) A sport where two people fight and try to throw each other onto the floor.   ________.

5) The sport of moving down mountains covered in snow using two long flat pieces of metal or plastic that are fixed to your boots.   ________.

6) A game where two teams try to hit a ball over a high net with their hands.   ________.

7) A system of exercises that helps relax both your body and your mind.   ________.

8) The sport of moving over the ground standing on a long piece of wood on wheels.   ________.

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1) aerobics   2) basketball   3) golf   4) karate   5) skiing

6) volleyball   7) yoga   8) skateboarding

2. Complete the text with the future time expressions below.

the day after tomorrow      this afternoon      tomorrow      tonight

next weekend      next year

Today is the first day of a big adventure for me. I’m going to walk part of the Camino de Santiago in Spain with some friends. I’m having lunch right now, and 1) _____. I have to pack. We’re leaving at 9 p.m. 2) _____. on the night train to Sarria. We arrive 3) _____. morning and we’re going to start walking straight after breakfast. We’re doing the shortest part of the walk, which is only five days. We’re spending the first night in Portomarín and 4) _____. we’ll be in Palas de Rei. Then it’s only three more days to Santiago. We’re staying there 5) _____. to visit the city. We’ll probably do a different part of the walk 6) _____. if we like it.

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1) this afternoon   2) tonight   3) tomorrow

4) the day after tomorrow   5) next weekend   6) next year

3. Complete the sentences with nationalities.

1) Murat was born in Istanbul. He’s ____________

2) I’m from Vancouver. I’m ____________

3) Yan and Suyin are from Beijing. They’re ____________

4) We’re from Stockholm. We’re ____________

5) Paola lives in Rio de Janeiro. She’s ____________

6) Our friends are from Paris. They’re ____________

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1) Turkish   2) Canadian   3) Chinese   4) Swedish

5) Brazilian   6) French

4. Match the sentences with the athletics events below.

100 metres      long jump      marathon      pole vault      relay      shot put

1) You have to run in a team.   ____________

2) You have to throw a heavy metal ball as far as possible.   ____________

3) You have to run a long way.   ____________

4) You have to go very high.   ____________

5) You have to run very fast.   ____________

6) You have to jump as far as possible.   ____________

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1) relay   2) shot put   3) marathon   4) pole vault

5) 100 metres   6) long jump

5. Complete the dialogues. Write one word in each space.

better      fancy      prefer      rather      right      suppose

1)  a Let’s go skiing next winter.

b I’d ____________ not. It’s very dangerous!

2)  a It’s getting late. Shall we go now?

b I ____________ so. We need to catch the last bus.

3)  a Why don’t we play football?

b I’d ____________ to play basketball if that’s OK.

4)  a Do you fancy going climbing?

b Not really. I think that skateboarding would be ____________

5)  a This match is boring.

b You’re ____________ Shall we watch something else?

6)  a Shall we watch the swimming?

b I don’t really ____________ that. Let’s go for a walk.

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1) rather   2) suppose   3) prefer   4) better   5) right   6) fancy