English Vocabulary Exercises for A1 – Places

1. Complete the names of these places and match them with the pictures (a-h) below.

1) t__wn  h__ll   __e

2) c__r  p__rk   _________

3) __rp__rt   _________

4) f__r__st__t__n   _________

5) g__m _________

6) sq__r_________

7) sw__mm_ng  p__l   _________

8) b__s  st__t__n   _________


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2) car park d 3) airport a 4) fire station g 5) gym c

6) square b 7) swimming pool f 8) bus station h

2. Match the sentences with the places in town below.

bank      cinema      hospital      hotel      library      museum  park     

police station  post office      shopping centre  train station      zoo

1) ‘Hello. I’m Doctor Langton. How is your arm today?’


2) ‘Excuse me. I’m looking for a book about the rainforest.’


3) ‘The 9.35 from London to York is arriving at platform four.’


4) ‘I need to report a crime.’


5) ‘Can I have a room for three nights, please?’


6) ‘I need to send this letter to Canada, by air.’


7) ‘Excuse me. Where are the lions and tigers?’


8) ‘Look at that Greek plate. It’s 3,000 years old!’


9) ‘I’d like to change some money into euros, please.’


10) ‘Be quiet! The film is starting!’


11) ‘Let’s play football, then have a picnic.’


12) ‘You can stay here in the café. I need to go to the clothes shop and then the bookshop.’


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1) hospital 2) library 3) train station 4) police station

5) hotel 6) post office 7) zoo  8) museum  9) bank

10) cinema  11) park 12) shopping centre

3. Look at the pictures and listen to the sentences. Are the sentences true or false? Tick the correct answer.


1a True   False     

b True   False     

c True   False


2a True   False     

b True   False     

c True   False


3a True   False     

b True   False     

c True   False

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1)  abc2)  abc3)  abc F



a The hospital is between the car park and the cinema. True or false?

b The park is behind the hospital. True or false?

c The car park is next to the cinema. True or false?


a The man with the hat is in front of the hotel. True or false?

b The hotel is opposite the train station. True or false?

c The bank is next to the train station. True or false?


a The swimming pool is in the park. True or false?

b The town hall is behind the park. True or false?

c The bus station is behind the town hall. True or false?

Extra exercises

1. Match words 1-6 with words a-f to make places in towns and cities.

1) bus

2) car

3) post

4) shopping

5) swimming

6) town

a centre

b hall

c office

d park

e pool

f station

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1) F   2) D   3) C   4) A   5) E   6) B

2. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions of place.

1) There’s a bank o__________ the cinema. You have to cross the road to take some money out.

2) The library is b__________ the museum and the supermarket.

3) The train station is n__________ house. It’s a ten-minute walk.

4) There’s a gym i__________ the hotel. It’s free for guests.

5) There’s a park n__________ t__________ the hospital, on the left.

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1) opposite   2) between   3) near   4) inside   5) next to

3. Complete the definitions.

1) a big area of water with land all around it __________

2) a high piece of land that is not as high as a mountain __________

3) a lot of people together __________

4) a piece of land used for animals or growing crops __________

5) a big group of trees __________

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1) lake   2) hill   3) crowd   4) field   5) wood

4. Choose the correct answers.

1) grandparents usually fly to Spain on holiday. They go by coachplanetrain .

2) We often ride to the park at the weekend. We go by motorbikeshipplane .

3) dad always drives to work. He goes by buscarunderground .

4) sister sometimes stays out late on Saturday nights, so she goes home by planeshiptaxi .

5) There’s always a lot of traffic on the roads in the morning, so we go to school by carcoachunderground .

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1) plane   2) motorbike   3) car   4) taxi   5) underground

5. Complete the sentences with the words below.

Africa      Asia      east      Europe      North America      south

1) France is in __________

2) Marseille is in the __________ of France and Paris is in the north.

3) Kenya is in __________

4) China is in __________

5) Berlin is in the __________ of Germany and Düsseldorf is in the west.

6) Canada is in __________

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1) Europe   2) south   3) Africa   4) Asia   5) east   6) North America

6. Complete the directions with the verbs below. You can use one verb more than once.

go      take      turn

1) _____ over the bridge.

2) _____ the first left.

3) _____ past the fire station.

4) _____ straight on.

5) _____ left at the crossroads.

6) _____ along Station Road.

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1) Go   2) Take   3) Go   4) Go   5) Turn   6) Go