English Vocabulary Exercises for A1 – Are you hungry?

1. complete the puzzles with the types of food in each picture.




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1) bread   2) apples   3) pasta   4) cheese   5) cucumber

6) sausages   7) tomatoes   8) lettuce   9) pineapple

10) onions   11) carrots   12) melon

2. Complete the shopping lists. Use a, e, i, o and u.

List A

1) b__f

2) l__mb

3) m__shr__ms

4) r__c__

List B

5) s__ndw__ch__s

6) cr__sps

7) str__wb__rr__s

8) __l__v__s

List C

9) ch__ck__n

10) l__m__ns

11) p__pp__rs

12) pr__wns

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1) beef   2) lamb   3) mushrooms   4) rice   5) sandwiches

6) crisps   7) strawberries   8) olives   9) chicken

10) lemons   11) peppers   12) prawns

3. Listen to four couples in the supermarket. Match three of the couples with the shopping lists (A-C) in exercise 2. (One couple does not match any of the lists.)

1) Jack and Mary: List ________.

2) Leo and Darcy: List ________.

3) Arthur and Megan: List ________.

4) Finley and Amber: List ________.

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1) B   2) (does not match any of the lists)   3) A   4) C

4. Listen again. What does the other couple buy? Write the four food items.

1) _________

2) _________

3) _________

4) _________

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fish, potatoes, peas, cheese


1   Jack and Mary

Jack Come on, hurry up. We need to buy some lunch quickly.

Mary I know, I know. Where are the snacks?

j Over here, come on. So, here are the sandwiches.

m OK. Two sandwiches. And some crisps?

j Yes, great. Ooh ___ and olives.

m I don’t like olives.

j Well I do. You can choose something different.

m Strawberries! They look really nice.

j OK! Let’s go!

2   Leo and Darcy

Leo What do we need? What’s for dinner?

Darcy We need fish. It’s over here.

l What else? Potatoes?

d Yes, potatoes. And we need a vegetable.

l Potatoes are a vegetable!

d A green vegetable!

l OK. Peas?

d Fine. Get some peas. Oh, and we need cheese too.

l Cheese? With fish?

d No. The cheese is for your sandwiches tomorrow.

3   Arthur and Megan

Megan What are you planning for dinner?

Arthur Curry, I think. I need lamb – and beef.

m Lamb and beef?

a For two different dishes, yes.

m Is that all?

a No, I need mushrooms too.

m OK. They’re over there, with the vegetables.

a And rice.

m OK, let’s get the rice first. Then the mushrooms.

4   Finley and Amber

Amber What do we need for the barbecue?

Finley We need chicken. It’s here, look.

a And what about some other meat?

f This beef looks nice.

a OK. We have to get some peppers too, one of each colour.

f And we have to buy prawns. I love prawns on a barbecue!

a Me too.

f We need lemons, of course. You can’t have prawns without lemons.

a OK, where are the lemons?

f The fruit is over there, by the door. Come on!

5. Listen to the phone call in a hotel. Which breakfast does the guest order? Tick the correct picture.




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Waiter Can I help you?

Guest Oh, hello. Can I order some breakfast, please?

W Of course. What can I get for you?

g Some cereal, please. With milk.

W Certainly. Anything else?

g Yes. Can I have some toast?

W Toast. Yes. With butter and jam?

g Yes, please.

W Any eggs?

g Eggs? No, thank you. Just cereal and toast.

W And would you like some tea or some coffee?

g No, thanks. Just orange juice.

6. What do you usually have for breakfast? Describe it.

On school days, I usually have _________

At weekends, I usually have _________

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your own answer

Extra exercises

1. Circle the word that is different

1) apples      onion      pineapple      strawberries

2) carrots      mushrooms      peas      prawns

3) beef      chicken      eggs      lamb

4) bread      milk      pasta      rice

5) crisps      cucumber      lettuce      tomatoes

6) butter      cheese      fish      yoghurt

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1) onion   2) prawns   3) eggs   4) milk   5) crisps   6) fish

2. Complete the sentences with the words below.

chef      customers      fork      knife      menu      service      tray      waiter

1) The __________ was bad, because the waiters were very slow, so we aren’t leaving a tip.

2) I can’t cut this meat because I haven’t got a __________

3) I can’t eat salad because I haven’t got a __________

4) Let’s ask the __________ for the bill.

5) That restaurant always has a lot of __________ It’s very popular.

6) Would you like to see the dessert __________?

7) Please tell the __________ that the fish was excellent.

8) We often have dinner on a __________ in front of the TV.

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1) service   2) knife   3) fork   4) waiter   5) customers

6) menu   7) chef   8) tray

3. Match the first parts of the sentences (1-8) with the second parts (a-h).

1) Let’s leave

2) Can we see

3) Is everything

4) Would you like

5) Can we have a

6) I’d like

7) Can we

8) Does it include

a table for two, please?

b service?

c some water, please.

d OK for you?

e a tip.

f have the bill, please?

g a coffee or a tea?

h the menu, please?

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1) e   2) h   3) d   4) g   5) a   6) c   7) f   8) b

4. Complete the invitations with the phrases below.

can make it      can you bring      celebrate birthday

I’m planning      put it      would you like

Hi Karen,

1) _________ a sleepover at house on Friday night with some friends.

2) _________ to join us? I’ve got Pictionary and Tanya is bringing another game, so it should be a lot of fun.

Hope you 3) _________



Dear Richard,

I’m having a party to 4) _________ next month. It’s on Saturday 3 February at house. I’m organising the drinks, but 5) _________ some food?

6) _________ in your diary!

Best wishes,


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1) I’m planning   2) Would you like   3) can make it

4) celebrate birthday   5) Can you bring   6) Put it