English Speaking Exercises for A1 – Photo description

1. Complete the natural world nouns. Use a, e, i, o, u and y. Can you see any of these things in photos A and B? Write three or four of the words below each photo.

1) b__ch

2) cl__d

3) gr__ss

4) fl__w__r

5) gr__nd

6) m__n

7) m__nt__ns

8) s__nd

9) sk__

10) s__

11) sn__w

12) st__rs

13) s__nr__s__

14) s__ns__t

15) tr__

16) w__t__r



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1) beach   2) cloud   3) grass   4) flower   5) ground

6) moon   7) mountains   8) sand   9) sky   10) sea

11) snow   12) stars   13) sunrise   14) sunset   15) tree

16) water

Photo A: grass, ground, trees

Photo B: beach, sand, sky, sea, trees, water

2. Listen to two students describing photos A and B above. Which nouns from exercise 1 do the students use?

Student 1 uses ________.

Student 2 uses ________, ________, ________. and ________.

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Student 1 uses trees.   

Student 2 uses sea, sky, clouds and water.

Speaking Strategy

When you describe a photo, begin by saying what the photo shows in general. Then describe different parts of the photo using phrases like ‘in the centre’. Remember to use present tenses in your description.

3. Read the Speaking Strategy. Then listen again. Which advice does each student follow? Tick the boxes.

Student 1

Student 2

1) begins by saying what the photo shows in general

2) describes different parts of the photo

3) uses present tenses

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1) student 2 2) both 3) both


Student 1 In the centre, there’s a bear. It’s standing next to a tent. And there’s a man in the tent. The bear is facing the man and the man is looking at the bear. There are some trees in the background, so they’re probably in a forest. The man is probably frightened, but you can’t really see that in his face. The bear walked up to the tent. It probably wanted food, or something like that.

Student 2 This photo shows two people – a man and a woman – in the sea near a tropical island. They’re probably on holiday. They look happy and relaxed. The sky is completely clear – there aren’t any clouds – and it’s probably really warm. At the top of the photo are two dolphins. They’re jumping out of the water. But the man and the woman can’t see them, because they’re facing the camera.

4. Circle the correct words to complete the sentences.

Photo A:

1  InOn the centre, there’s a bear.

2) There’s a man inon the right.

3) The man is facinglooking the bear.

4) The bear is sittingstanding by the tent.

5) There are some trees in the backgroundforeground .

Photo B:

1) In the backgroundforeground there are two people.

2  AtIn the distance, there’s an island.

3) At the topbottom of the photo there are two dolphins.

4) The man and the woman are standinglying in the water.

5) The man and the woman arearen’t facing the dolphins.

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Photo A1) In 2) on 3) facing 4) standing   5) background

Photo B :  1) foreground 2) In 3) top   4) standing 5) aren’t

5. Look at the photo. Answer the questions below.


1) What kind of animals is in the foreground?


2) What is in the centre of the photo?


3) Is the animal sitting, lying or standing?


4) Are the people sitting, lying or standing?


5) Is the animal facing the people?


6) What can you see in the background?


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1) a lion 2) a safari Jeep 3) It’s lying. 4) They’re sitting.

5) No, it isn’t. 6) grass

6. Now describe the photo using your ideas from exercise 5.

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