English Speaking Exercises for A1 – In a restaurant

1. Complete the menu with the words below.

beef      cheesecake      chocolate      pepper      pie      rice


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1) pepper   2) beef   3) pie   4) rice   5) cheesecake   6) chocolate

2. Complete the dialogue with five of the phrases below. There are two extra phrases.

And for you, sir?      And for your main course?

And what would you like, madam?      Are you ready to order?

Let’s leave a tip.      The same for me.

Would you like anything to drink?

Waiter   1 ___________

Man       Yes, we are. I’d like the fishcakes to start, please.

Waiter   Certainly. 2) ___________

Man       Can I have the chicken curry, please?

Waiter   Of course. 3) ___________

Woman To start, the soup. Followed by the prawn stir-fry.

Waiter   Very good. 4) ___________

Woman Can I have water, please?

Man       5 ___________

Waiter   Of course.

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1) Are you ready to order?

2) And for your main course?

3) And what would you like, madam?

4) Would you like anything to drink?

5) The same for me.

3. Rewrite the sentences in a polite way using would like, affirmative or interrogative. Use please if necessary.

1) Do you want some rice?


2) What do you want for dinner?


3) I want a cup of coffee.


4) Where do you want to sit?


5) We want the bill.


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1) Would you like some rice?

2) What would you like for dinner?

3) I would like a cup of coffee, please.

4) Where would you like to sit?

5) We would like the bill, please.

4. Listen to three dialogues in the same restaurant. When does each dialogue take place? Choose the correct words.

Dialogue 1 takes place beforeduringafter a meal.

Dialogue 2 takes place beforeduringafter a meal.

Dialogue 3 takes place beforeduringafter a meal.

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Dialogue 1 takes place during a meal.

Dialogue 2 takes place before a meal.

Dialogue 3 takes place after a meal.



Waiter Is everything OK for you?

Man Yes, it’s fine, thanks. This chicken curry is delicious!

Wa Good. Can I get you anything else?

m No, I’m fine, thanks. Oh, there is one thing ___

Wa Sir?

m Can I have some water, please?

Wa Yes, of course, sir. One moment.

m Thank you!

Wa No problem.


Waiter Good evening.

Man Can we have a table for two, please?

Wa  Certainly, sir. Follow me.

m Thank you.

Wa  This is your table.

Woman Thanks. It’s perfect!

Wa  Would you like to order some drinks?

m Yes, please.

Wa  What would you like? Or would you like to see the drinks menu?

Wo I’d like to see the menu, please.

Wa  Certainly. One moment.


Woman Excuse me?

Waiter Yes, madam. How can I help you?

Wo Can we have the bill, please?

Wa Certainly. One moment.

m What a nice restaurant.

Wo Yes, I want to come here again. Ah, here’s the bill.

m £89. That isn’t too bad.

Wo Excuse me. Does it include service?

Wa No, it doesn’t.

m We have to leave a tip. The waiters are very friendly here!

Wo I agree. Let’s pay a hundred.

m OK.

5. Read and complete these lines from the dialogues. Write one word in each gap. Then write ‘Waiter’ and ‘Customer’ next to the correct lines.

1) Waiter: ________ everything OK for you?

________.: Yes, ________. fine, thanks.

2) _____.: Can I have ________. water, please?

________.: Yes, ________. course, sir.

3) _____.: Can we have a table ________. two, please?

________.: Certainly, sir. Follow ________.

4) _____.: Would you ________. to order some drinks?

________.: ________., please.

5) _____.: Can we ________. the bill, please?

________.: Certainly. ________. moment.

6) _____.: ________. it include service?

     ________.: No, it ________.

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1  WaiterIs everything OK for you? Customer : Yes, it’s fine, thanks.

2  Customer : Can I have some water, please? Waiter : Yes, of course, sir.

3  Customer : Can we have a table for two, please? Waiter : Certainly, sir. Follow me .

4  Waiter : Would you like to order some drinks? CustomerYes , please.

5  Customer : Can we have the bill, please? Waiter : Certainly. One moment.

6  CustomerDoes it include service? Waiter : No, it doesn’t .

6. Listen again and check your answers to exercise 5.

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See exercise 5.

7. Look at the menu below. Imagine you are eating alone at this restaurant. Choose and circle a starter, a main course and a dessert.


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8. Now act out a dialogue in a restaurant. Use your menu in exercise 7 and phrases from exercises 2 and 5.

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