English Speaking Exercises for A1 – Giving advice

1. Look at the pictures. Complete the sentences with should or shouldn’t and the verbs below.

answer      go (x2)      sit      swim      wear


1) He __________ down.


2) She __________ to bed.


3) She __________ her helmet.


4) He __________ his phone.


5) They __________ in this river.


6) They __________ inside.

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1) shouldn’t sit   2) should go   3) should wear

4) shouldn’t answer   5) shouldn’t swim   6) should go

2. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences giving advice. Use should or shouldn’t.

1) (that / you / sandwich / eat)

  You shouldn’t eat that sandwich. It’s a week old!

2) (go / we / park / the / to)

  ________ It’s a beautiful day.

3) (go / you / now / home)

  ________ Your dinner is ready.

4) (homework / / I / finish)

  ________ I have to give it to the teacher tomorrow.

5) (road / in / skateboard / you / the)

  ________ It’s dangerous.

6) (music / we / to / listen)

      ________ dad needs to sleep.

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2) We should go to the park.

3) You should go home now.

4) I should finish homework.

5) You shouldn’t skateboard in the road.

6) We shouldn’t listen to music.

3. Complete the dialogue with the words below.

course       do      problem      right      see      something      tell      that

Beth Hi, Leo. Can I ask your advice about 1) _____?

Leo Yes, of 2) _____ What’s the 3) _____?

Beth Well, I’m worried about schoolwork.

Leo Really? But you’re good at every subject!

Beth But I have to work in parents’ shop at weekend. So it’s really difficult to do homework.

Leo Yes, I 4) _____

Beth What do you think I should 5) _____?

Leo You should talk to your mum and dad. You should 6) _____ Them how you feel.

Beth Should I say I can’t work at the shop?

Leo No, you shouldn’t do 7) _____ They need your help. But perhaps you can just work there in the mornings.

Beth Yes, you’re 8) _____ Thanks, Leo.

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1) something   2) course   3) problem   4) see   5) do

6) tell   7) that   8) right

4. Listen to three dialogues. Complete the summaries with the words below.

angry      brother      parents      sad      show

teacher      team      words      worried

1) The girl is __________ with her __________

   The boy says that she should talk to her __________

2) The boy is __________ about the school __________

  The girl says that he should practise his __________ with her.

3) The girl is __________ because she is not in a sports __________

     The boy says that she should talk to the __________

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1) angry, brother, parents   2) worried, show, words

3) sad, team, teacher



Boy Hi! How are you?

Girl Not great.

b Oh, dear.

g Can I ask your advice about something?

b Yes, of course. What is it?

g Well, I’m really angry with brother. He never helps with the housework at home.

b Oh, dear!

g So I have to do more housework.

b That’s not fair.

g So what should I do? When I talk to him, he just laughs.

b You should talk to your parents.

g Really?

b Yes. Tell them how you feel.

g You’re right. Thanks.


Girl Hi! How are you?

Boy I’m OK. But I’m worried about the school show.

g Oh, dear. Why?

b Because I don’t know words! And the show is next week!

g You should learn them!

b I can’t learn them. memory isn’t very good.

g I know. You should practise your words with me.

b What do you mean?

g You should say your words to me. And I can do all the other parts.

b Yes, that’s a good idea. Thanks very much!

g No problem. Let’s start today, after school!


Boy Hello! Are you OK?

Girl Not really.

b What’s the problem?

g I’m not in the school volleyball team this year.

b Oh, no!

g I’m really sad about it. I’m usually the captain!

b So why aren’t you in the team?

g I don’t know. Perhaps the new sports teacher doesn’t like me.

b I think you should talk to her.

g Really? Are you sure?

b Yes. Perhaps it’s a mistake.

g Yes, that’s possible. Hey, thanks.

5. Read about these problems. What do you think the people should do? Write one piece of advice for each person.

1) Jack: ‘I’m always tired. But I can’t go to bed early because I share a bedroom with brother.’



2) Sarah: ‘I can’t study at weekends because we always have visitors. I’m worried about exams!’



3) Freya: ‘I’m embarrassed about bike. It’s really old and it’s a bit small for me.’



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6. Now act out a dialogue to give advice using your ideas from exercise 5.

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