Practice English Listening Tests for A1 – Listening Test 27

Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.


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Lines should be drawn between:

1) Peter and the man with a cage of mice, wearing red jeans

2) Daisy and the woman with a dog, wearing a long skirt

3) Pat and the girl with glasses, carrying a monkey

4) Tom and the tall man, holding a snake

5) Fred and the man with a short black beard, holding a parrot.


BOY:   This is the new animal hospital, Grandma.

WOMAN:   Oh, it’s very busy in here, Jack.

BOY:   Can you see that woman with the curly hair?

WOMAN:   The one with the kitten?

BOY:   No, the one behind the desk. That’s Vicky. She’s friend’s mum.


BOY:   Do you see that man with the mice in the cage?

WOMAN:   The man with the red jeans?

BOY:   Yes, that’s right.

WOMAN:   What’s his name?

BOY:   Peter. He works with dad.


WOMAN:   Can you see that woman with the dog?

BOY:   The one with the long skirt?

WOMAN:   Yes. Is she your mother’s friend?

BOY:   Yes, her name’s Daisy.


BOY:   That girl with the glasses is sister’s friend.

WOMAN:   She’s carrying a monkey!

BOY:   That’s right.

WOMAN:   What’s her name?

BOY:   Pat. She’s very nice.


BOY:   Can you see that tall man?

WOMAN:   The one who’s got a snake?

BOY:   Yes. It’s a big snake!

WOMAN:   Do you know him too?

BOY:   Yes, his name’s Tom. He was a teacher at school.


WOMAN:   Look at that man.

BOY:   The one with the black beard?

WOMAN:   Yes. That’s Fred. He lives in street. Do you like his parrot?

BOY:   Yes, and listen! It’s talking!

WOMAN:   Wow! It’s very clever!

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

Mum’s favourite shop

     Name of Mum’s favourite shop:     Golds

1) Shop is next to:                    the ________

2) In the shop she buys:          ________

3) Shop’s café is:                       in the ________

4) In the café you can buy:     ________

5) Shop is giving:                       ____________ to children

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1) bus station   2) handbags   3) basement   4) cakes   5) DVDs


BOY:   Can you help me with homework, Mum?

WOMAN:   Yes, Tony.

BOY:   I have to write about a shop. What’s your favourite one?

WOMAN:   It’s Golds. G-O-L-D-S.

BOY:   Golds? Do you go there every week?

WOMAN:   Yes, I do!


BOY:   Where is the shop?

WOMAN:   It’s next to the bus station.

BOY:   The bus station?

WOMAN:   Yes, that’s right.

BOY:   Oh, that’s a good place for a shop.


BOY:   What do you buy there? Shoes?

WOMAN:   You can buy lots of things there, but it’s favourite shop in town for handbags!

BOY:   Handbags?

WOMAN:   Yes, I bought a beautiful new one last week.


WOMAN:   When I go to the shop, I often have a drink.

BOY:   Oh, so there’s a café too.

WOMAN:   Yes, it’s a very big shop!

BOY:   Where is the café?

WOMAN:   In the basement.

BOY:   Oh, I see. The basement.


BOY:   Can you eat pasta in the café?

WOMAN:   No, they don’t have hot food.

BOY:   So what can you eat?

WOMAN:   Well, they have great cakes.

BOY:   Cakes? Oh, that’s good, Mum.


BOY:   Can we go there on Saturday?

WOMAN:   Good idea. They’re giving DVDs to all the children who come to the shop this week.

BOY:   That’s great. I love watching DVDs!

WOMAN:   Me too.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Jim do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.


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1) Wednesday – helped aunt in garden, went to the cinema

2) Tuesday – went to the market, bought paintings

3) Sunday – swam in the sea, saw dolphins

4) Thursday – party in garden, painted a pirate

5) Monday – went swimming in pool


WOMAN:   Hello, Jim. What did you do last week on your school holiday?

BOY:   Hello, Mrs White. I went to uncle and aunt’s new home. Their apartment is on a beach!

WOMAN:   That’s great! Did you enjoy it?

BOY:   Well ___ on Saturday I had to help uncle paint his boat.

WOMAN:   Oh, no! Was it difficult?

BOY:   Yes, but in the afternoon we went for a walk on the beach.


BOY:   Wednesday was a busy day.

WOMAN:   Why?

BOY:   I helped aunt in the garden. We planted some flowers.

WOMAN:   Oh, did you like doing that?

BOY:   It was OK. aunt was happy because I helped her. She took me to the cinema. The film was about pirates!


BOY:   Friday was a nice day. Oh no, I mean Tuesday.

WOMAN:   What did you do on Tuesday?

BOY:   aunt and I went to the market.

WOMAN:   Did you buy something?

BOY:   Yes, we bought three paintings of some boats on the sea.


WOMAN:   Did you go swimming in the sea?

BOY:   Yes. It was exciting!

WOMAN:   Which day did you do that?

BOY:   Sunday. And I saw some dolphins!

WOMAN:   Wow!


BOY:   We had a great party one day. All uncle and aunt’s friends came to see the new apartment.

WOMAN:   Which day was that?

BOY:   Thursday.

WOMAN:   Oh, Thursday. Did you cook any nice food for them?

BOY:   No, we sat in the garden. I painted a picture of a pirate.


WOMAN:   What did you do on Monday?

BOY:   aunt wanted to put some flowers on the balcony.

WOMAN:   Did you help her?

BOY:   No, not that day. I went swimming. uncle and aunt have a swimming pool in their garden.

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

Which man is John’s teacher?


1) What must Mary take to school?


2) What’s Alex doing upstairs?


3) What did Ben dream about last night?


4) What did Jane do at the party last night?


5) What was the weather like last week in Uncle Bill’s village?


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1) A   2) B   3) A   4) B   5) C


Which man is John’s teacher?

BOY:   That’s teacher. Look! He’s getting on the bus.

GIRL:   The thin man with the blue sweater, John?

BOY:   He’s not wearing a blue sweater. It’s grey.

GIRL:   Oh, I see him. He’s carrying a bag.

1) What must Mary take to school?

GIRL:   I need to go to school now, Dad.

MAN:   Have you got your baseball bat and that CD, Mary?

GIRL:   No, there’s no sport at school today ___ and the music class is on Friday.

MAN:   OK.

GIRL:   Oh ___ wait! I need skates for the playground after school.

MAN:   Please be careful!

2) What’s Alex doing upstairs?

WOMAN:   Why is Alex upstairs?

BOY:   He wanted to email someone but Grandma’s on the computer.

WOMAN:   Well, he must do his homework now.

BOY:   He can’t, Mum. He’s texting his friend.

WOMAN:   Not again!

3) What did Ben dream about last night?

BOY:   Hello, Grandpa. I had a dream last night.

MAN:   Did you dream about a jungle again, Ben?

BOY:   No, I was on a mountain.

MAN:   Was it nice?

BOY:   No. I’d like to dream about being on an island.

4) What did Jane do at the party last night?

MAN:   Was it a good party last night, Jane? Did you dance a lot?

GIRL:   No. The music wasn’t very good, Grandpa.

MAN:   Did you eat something?

GIRL:   No, I had a stomach-ache.

MAN:   Oh ___ Did you take any photos?

GIRL:   Yes, with new camera. It was great!

5) What was the weather like last week in Uncle Bill’s village?

MAN:   Look, Sam. It’s raining again!

GIRL:   Oh dear! The weather is never good when you come here, Uncle Bill.

MAN:   Well, it was sunny last Friday. I went to sleep in the garden!

GIRL:   Your village has very nice weather.

MAN:   Not always. Last week it was very windy and cold!

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