Practice English Listening Tests for A1 – Listening Test 26

Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.


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Lines should be drawn between:

1) Daisy and the girl under the table, with a puppy

2) Vicky and the woman with a cup and no shoes on

3) Jim and the boy with sunglasses on, with the dogs

4) Sally and the girl on the phone, with a game under her arm

5) Peter and the boy with a towel, wearing a scarf


BOY:   We had a garden party last week, Miss Long. dad cooked sausages outside! Here’s a picture!

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. Is that your dad? The man in the grey shirt?

BOY:   Yes. His name’s Paul. Do you know him?

WOMAN:   I think I do!


BOY:   There’s sister, Daisy.

WOMAN:   Where?

BOY:   She’s there, under the table with one of the puppies.

WOMAN:   Oh ___ She looks very young!

BOY:   Yes, she’s only four.


WOMAN:   And who’s that? The person with the cup in her hand?

BOY:   That’s one of Mum’s friends.

WOMAN:   What’s her name?

BOY:   Vicky.

WOMAN:   Why hasn’t she got any shoes on?

BOY:   Because we’ve got a swimming pool in the garden. She put her feel in the water.


BOY:   And there’s Jim. I gave him those sunglasses!

WOMAN:   The boy who’s sitting on the grass?

BOY:   Yes. he lives in the next house. He loves our dogs.

WOMAN:   I can see that!


WOMAN:   Who’s the girl that’s got the phone?

BOY:   The girl with the blonde hair? That’s Sally.

WOMAN:   What’s she carrying under her arm?

BOY:   It’s a new game, but we didn’t play it.

WOMAN:   Oh ___


WOMAN:   What about the boy with the towel? Who’s he?

BOY:   That’s friend, Peter. He went in the pool too.

WOMAN:   Why is he wearing a scarf?

BOY:   I don’t know.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

Pat’s school music lessons

     Can learn to play:                   the piano

1) Name of piano teacher:       Mr ________

2) Place to go for lessons:   room next to the ________

3) Lessons are:                            on Friday ________

4) For first lesson, take:            favourite ________

5) Homework: read page:        ______________ of her book

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1) Race   2) lift   3) morning(s)   4) CD   5) 26/twenty-six


GIRL:   Hi, Dad.

MAN:   Hello, Pat. I got an email from your school today. It was about music lessons. Would you like to learn to play the piano?

GIRL:   The piano? Yes, please!

MAN:   OK. I think that’s a good idea too.


GIRL:   What’s the piano teacher’s name, Dad?

MAN:   Mr Race.

GIRL:   Do you spell that R-A-C-E?

MAN:   That’s right. Do you know Mr Race, Pat?

GIRL:   No.


GIRL:   Where do I have to go for the lessons?

MAN:   The lessons are in the room next to the lift. Let’s look again. Yes, next to the lift.

GIRL:   Oh, OK. I know. It’s in a nice room. It’s got big windows.

MAN:   Has it?

GIRL:   Yes.


GIRL:   When are the lessons? Are they on Friday afternoon? We have English then.

MAN:   No. They’re on Friday morning, Pat.

GIRL:   Every Friday morning?

MAN:   Yes, that’s right. You can start next week.

GIRL:   Wow! Great!


GIRL:   What do I have to take to the first lesson? A pen?

MAN:   No, only your favourite CD. Have you got one?

GIRL:   Well, I’ve got lots of CDs now, but I can choose a favourite one, Dad. That’s easy.

MAN:   Good.


MAN:   They said in the email please tell Pat to read page 26 of her book for her homework.

GIRL:   Page 26?

MAN:   Yes, that’s right. Can you do that this evening?

GIRL:   Can you help me?

MAN:   OK!

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Jack do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.


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1) Tuesday – street market, bought some red T-shirts

2) Thursday – went to the cinema and had a burger

3) Wednesday – bus ride round the city

4) Saturday – lunch in a café

5) Sunday – came home by bus


WOMAN:   Hello, Jack!

BOY:   Oh, hello, Mrs Brown. I had a great week with brother in the city.

WOMAN:   What did you do there?

BOY:   We went on a river boat on Friday. That was great! There were hundreds of ducks.

WOMAN:   Oh!


WOMAN:   Did you go shopping in the city?

BOY:   Yes, but only to a kind of street market.

WOMAN:   When did you do that?

BOY:   On Tuesday ___ yes, that’s right. We did that on Tuesday. brother and I bought some red T-shirts.


BOY:  On Thursday we went to the cinema.

WOMAN:   On Thursday? What did you see?

BOY:   A film about a boy. His mum had a funny café. It was great.

WOMAN:   Good.

BOY:   Yes. Then we had a burger when we came out!


BOY:   We went for a ride round the city on a bus on Wednesday.

WOMAN:   And did you go shopping again that day?

BOY:   No. We enjoyed the ride. We sat upstairs and we could see all the city.

WOMAN:   Wow! Did you take any photos?

BOY:   Yes, I did.


WOMAN:   And what did you do on Saturday?

BOY:   It rained that day but we went to a walk. And then brother bought me some lunch in a café.

WOMAN:   What did you have?

BOY:   Pasta with fish and tomatoes in it. It was very good.


BOY:   And on Monday ___ sorry, Sunday, we came back home again.

WOMAN:   And how did you get home?

BOY:   We caught a bus from the big bus station in the city. I didn’t want to go home!

WOMAN:   Why?

BOY:   Because the city is very exciting!

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What’s the panda doing now?


1) What’s in Mary’s bowl?


2) Where’s John’s book now?


3) What pet has Jane got?


4) What’s Lucy’s story about?


5) Which woman is Anna’s aunt?


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1) B   2) A   3) A   4) C   5) B


What’s the panda doing now?

BOY:   Look at this funny panda on TV, Mum!

WOMAN:   What’s it doing? Is it climbing that tree?

BOY:   No, look, it’s hiding from the tiger that’s playing with the ball.

WOMAN:   Oh dear!

1) What’s in Mary’s bowl?

MAN:   What’s in that bowl, Mary? Is it chicken?

GIRL:   No, Dad. It’s some vegetable soup. It’s great. Would you like some?

MAN:   No, thanks. I had some salad. I’m not hungry.


2) Where’s John’s book now?

BOY:   Did you take book, Mum? It’s not on the table.

WOMAN:   Yes, John. I put it on the stairs. Take it upstairs to your bedroom, please.

BOY:   But I want to read it now.

WOMAN:   Well ___ all right.

3) What pet has Jane got?

GIRL:   friend Jane loves animals.

WOMAN:   Does she? Has she got a kitten?

GIRL:   No, she’s got a rabbit. It’s great!

WOMAN:   When I was a girl, I had a parrot.

4) What’s Lucy’s story about?

MAN:   Are you reading a good story in your comic, Lucy?

GIRL:   Yes, Dad.

MAN:   Is it the one about the farmer?

GIRL:   No, I’m reading about a clown.

MAN:   Oh, I liked the one last week about the pirate.

GIRL:   Oh, that one was boring.

5) Which woman is Anna’s aunt?

MAN:   There’s a woman in the playground with a white coat on, Anna. Do you know her?

GIRL:   Yes, Mr Kite. It’s aunt.

MAN:   That one who’s wearing jeans?

GIRL:   No. That’s cousin. aunt’s got a dress on.