Practice English Listening Tests for A1 – Listening Test 23

Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.


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Lines should be drawn between:

1) Sally and the girl with her feet in the water and a towel above her head

2) Fred and the boy with a parrot on his shoulder

3) Paul and the boy playing in the sand between the rocks, making a star

4) Mary and the woman wearing a sunhat, carrying bags

5) Vicky and the girl with a drink in her hand and a dolphin on her T-shirt


BOY:   I took this picture when I had beach holiday. Do you like it?

WOMAN:   Yes, I do. Are these people all your friends?

BOY:   Some of them are. Can you see the boy with the boat? The one who’s wearing jeans?

WOMAN:   Yes.

BOY:   Well, that’s Jim. I like him a lot.


BOY:   There’s another friend of mine. That’s Sally.

WOMAN:   Which one’s she?

BOY:   The girl with her feet in the water.

WOMAN:   I see her. She’s holding a towel above her head.

BOY:   Yes, that’s right.


WOMAN:   And what about that boy there? What’s he got on his shoulder?

BOY:   It’s a parrot.

WOMAN:   Is it?

BOY:   Yes, and that’s Fred. He wants to be a pirate!


BOY:   There’s new friend, Paul.

WOMAN:   So he was on this holiday too? That’s nice.

BOY:   He’s playing in the sand between those two rocks, look!

WOMAN:   What’s he making?

BOY:   A kind of star, I think.


WOMAN:   And who’s that woman?

BOY:   That’s mum. Her name’s Mary.

WOMAN:   Did she bring you a picnic that day?

BOY:   Yes. And she’s got her sun hat on. It was very sunny there.


BOY:   And Vicky’s in this picture too. She’s got a drink in her hand. Can you see her?

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. She’s got a dolphin on her T-shirt!

BOY:   That’s right. She’s another friend of mine. We looked for treasure one day, but we didn’t find any!

WOMAN:   Oh hear!

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

Dance lessons for Daisy

     Where?                             at school

1) In which classroom?      ________

2) On which day?                ________

3) With which teacher?     Mrs ________

4) Take to first lesson:       ________

5) Come home by:              ________

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1) 10/ten   2) (on) Monday(s)   3) Caris

4) (some) (new) shoes   5) (Daisy’s//your/her) bike


GIRL:   Dad? Can I have some dance lessons? We can go to dance lessons at school now.

MAN:   I don’t know, Daisy.

GIRL:   Please? There’s a new teacher at school who can dance well.

MAN:   Hmm ___ I don’t know.


MAN:   Tell me about the dance lessons.

GIRL:   They aren’t in classroom.

MAN:   Which classroom are they in, then?

GIRL:   They’re in classroom ten. The one next to the playground.

MAN:   Classroom ten. OK.


MAN:   And which day are these lessons? Do you know?

GIRL:   Yes. They’re on Monday.

MAN:   On Monday ___ hmm. That’s OK, I think.

GIRL:   So can I, Dad?


MAN:   Well, what’s the name of the teacher who can give you these lessons?

GIRL:   It’s Mrs Caris.

MAN:   Let me write this down. Mrs Caris: C-A-R-I-S.

GIRL:   Yes. She’s our English teacher too.

MAN:   Oh!


GIRL:   But you have to buy me something.

MAN:   What? A new dress?

GIRL:   No. Some shoes. We have to take them to the first lesson.

MAN:   Do they have to be new shoes?

GIRL:   Yes, please!


MAN:   But how can you come home after the lesson? On the bus?

GIRL:   No. There isn’t a bus then. I can take bike that day and ride home.

MAN:   On your bike – that’s a good idea! All right. You can go to the dance lessons.

GIRL:   Great!

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did John do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.


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1) Friday – a party

2) Thursday – walk in the park

3) Sunday – cinema, film about rabbits

4) Tuesday – read book in living room

5) Saturday – football and picnic in the garden


WOMAN:   Did you have a good week with your cousin, John?

BOY:   Yes, it was great, Miss White. They live in a big town?

WOMAN:   Oh, yes? Tell me? What did you do there?

BOY:   We went skating on Wednesday. I enjoyed it a lot.


BOY:   We had a party another day.

WOMAN:   Which day was that?

BOY:   It was on Friday. It was cousin’s birthday. Her friend gave her a rabbit!

WOMAN:   Wow! And did you give her a present?

BOY:   Yes – a football, but we couldn’t play because it rained that day.


BOY:   We went on a bus one day. We sat upstairs in the front.

WOMAN:   Was that on Monday?

BOY:   No ___ it was on Thursday morning. I think. Yes, Thursday, that’s right.

WOMAN:   And where did you go?

BOY:   To a kind of park. We played games there on the grass.


BOY:   Sunday was best day.

WOMAN:   What did you do that day?

BOY:   aunt got us some tickets are we went to see a film.

WOMAN:   What was it about?

BOY:   A family of rabbits. It was very funny. They could talk!


WOMAN:   And what did you do on Tuesday, John?

BOY:   On Tuesday? Ermm ___ that was a quiet day, I think. We were at home that day. I read a book in the living room.

WOMAN:   Was it a good story?

BOY:   It was OK. It was about a rabbit. It wasn’t very exciting.


BOY:   And on Saturday evening, I came home again.

WOMAN:   But what did you do in the day, before that? Did you go into the town again?

BOY:   Not that day. uncle played football with us and we had a picnic in the garden.

WOMAN:   Great!

BOY:   Yes. I always enjoy holidays there.

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What’s Tony doing?


1) What did Jane buy yesterday?


2) What was Jack’s dream about?


3) Where’s Peter’s mouse?


4) Which person is Kim?


5) What did Mr Rice find in his car?


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1) C   2) A   3) B   4) B   5) A


What’s Tony doing?

WOMAN:   Tony! Are you having a bath?

MAN:   No, I’m getting some water to wash the car. Why?

WOMAN:   It’s all right. I could hear water, that’s all. Do you want a drink? I’m making some tea.

MAN:   No, thank you!

1) What did Jane buy yesterday?

MAN:   What’s that, Jane?

GIRL:   It’s a cup for Mum. I got it in a big shop.

MAN:   When you went shopping yesterday?

GIRL:   Yes, I took the puppy with me. I had a good day, but I didn’t buy any new shoes. I wanted some, but I couldn’t find any.

MAN:   Oh!

2) What was Jack’s dream about?

WOMAN:   Are you all right, Jack?

BOY:   No, Mum. I had a funny dream.

WOMAN:   Was it about monsters again?

BOY:   No, it was about a big bear. I was afraid.

WOMAN:   Well, get up now and come and have some breakfast.

3) Where’s Peter’s mouse?

BOY:   Grandma, I can’t find mouse. He isn’t in his cage.

WOMAN:   Oh, Peter! Have you looked in your box? He was there yesterday when you couldn’t find him.

BOY:   I looked there. What’s that? Look! That sock’s moving!

WOMAN:   It’s your mouse! He’s inside it.

BOY:   Oh, yes. You naughty mouse! Come here!

4) Which person is Kim?

GIRL:   There’s friend Kim, Dad.

MAN:   Do you mean the girl in the red trousers?

GIRL:   Not her. I mean the girl in the red skirt. Can you see her?

MAN:   The person with the red jacket on too?

GIRL:   Dad! That’s Kim’s mother! Put your glasses on!

5) What did Mr Rice find in his car?

WOMAN:   Mr Rice is on television, Pat. He’s found something in his car. It’s very funny.

GIRL:   Mum! I’m reading book about spiders.

WOMAN:   Oh ___ it’s a toy fish on the floor of his car! Look!

GIRL:   What?

WOMAN:   Come and see.

GIRL:   No! Please be quiet!