Practice English Listening Tests for A1 – Listening Test 19

Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.


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Lines should be drawn between:

1) Kim and the man painting a window

2) Vicky and the girl carrying a box of vegetables

3) Jack and the boy with the bike

4) Anna and the girl playing with a ball on the mat

5) Daisy and the girl climbing a tree


WOMAN:   What a lot of people in your garden today. Who’s the boy who’s running?

BOY:   The boy playing with the cat?

WOMAN:   Yes.

BOY:   That’s Tom. He’s cousin.


WOMAN:   Who’s painting the window?

BOY:   That’s Kim.

WOMAN:   It looks difficult.

BOY:   Yes, but he likes painting.


WOMAN:   Look at that girl!

BOY:   That’s Vicky. She’s carrying a box.

WOMAN:   Are there vegetables in the box?

BOY:   Yes, they come from her garden. She brings them every week.


WOMAN:   And the boy with the bike. Who’s he?

BOY:   That’s Jack – he’s brother’s friend. It’s a new bike.

WOMAN:   Mmm. It looks great.

BOY:   Yes. His grandpa gave it to him last week.


WOMAN:   There are two children who are sitting on a mat. Who’s the girl?

BOY:   Oh, that’s Anna and that’s her brother.

WOMAN:   They’re enjoying their game.

BOY:   Yes, they are!


WOMAN:   Who’s climbing the tree?

BOY:   That’s Daisy.

WOMAN:   She’s very good at climbing.

BOY:   Yes, she isn’t afraid. She does that every day.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

Redbridge Sports Centre

     Name:                                 Lucy Flynn

1) Which class?                      ________

2) When?                                 Saturday __________

3) Name of teacher?            Mr ________

4) Comes to Centre by:        ________

5) Favourite sport:                ________

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1) swimming   2) afternoon(s)   3) Hart

4) (her father’s/dad’s) car   5) tennis


MAN:   Hello. Can I ask you some questions about classes at the sports centre, please.


MAN:   First. What’s your name?

GIRL:   Lucy Flynn.

MAN:   Lucy Flynn. Is that F-L-Y double N?

GIRL:   That’s right.


MAN:   Right, Lucy, which classes do you go to here?

GIRL:   I have a swimming class.

MAN:   Swimming, OK. And do you enjoy that?

GIRL:   Very much.

MAN:   Good.


MAN:   When do you have your class, Lucy?

GIRL:   On Saturday morning – no, that’s wrong. It’s in the afternoon now.

MAN:   OK, and you have it every week?

GIRL:   Yes, on Saturday afternoon.


MAN:   What’s the name of your teacher?

GIRL:   It’s Mr Hart. He’s very nice.

MAN:   Do you spell that H-A-R-T?

GIRL:   Yes, that’s right.

MAN:   Great.


MAN:   Now, how do you get here, Lucy?

GIRL:   I come with father in the car.

MAN:   Does he come in and watch the class?

GIRL:   No, he sits in the car and reads his book!


MAN:   Now the last question. Do you do a lot of sports?

GIRL:   Yes, I play tennis, hockey and basketball.

MAN:   And which is your favourite?

GIRL:   Oh, I like tennis best.

MAN:   Thank you very much, Lucy.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Ben do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.


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1) Thursday – film about girl and helicopter

2) Saturday – kite and walk with dog in forest

3) Monday – picnic and photo of lizard on forest

4) Tuesday – beach and swam in sea

5) Sunday – beach and took photos of dog


WOMAN:   Were you on holiday last week, Ben?

BOY:   Yes, on Wednesday I went to see uncle and aunt.

WOMAN:   Did you go by train?

BOY:   No, we went in a helicopter because they live on an island.

WOMAN:   Wow!


WOMAN:   So, Ben, what did you do on holiday?

BOY:   Well, on Thursday evening we went to the cinema.

WOMAN:   On Thursday? Did you see that great new film about the boy with a dog that can speak?

BOY:   No. It was about a girl and a helicopter. It was very exciting.

WOMAN:   Oh.


BOY:   There’s a big forest next to uncle’s house.

WOMAN:   Did you go there on Friday?

BOY:   No, we went on Saturday.

WOMAN:   Oh.

BOY:   We took a kite and we also took the dog for a walk.


BOY:   Then we went to the forest again on Monday.

WOMAN:   And what did you do there?

BOY:   We had a picnic and took some photos.

WOMAN:   Did you enjoy it?

BOY:   Yes, I took a good picture of some lizards.


WOMAN:   Did you go to the cinema again another day?

BOY:   No, the weather was nice. On Tuesday we went to the beach.

WOMAN:   Did you go in the sea?

BOY:   Well, I did, but aunt and uncle didn’t.

WOMAN:   What about the dog?

BOY:   He doesn’t like water. He likes playing on the sand. Tuesday was a good day.


WOMAN:   I’d like to see their dog.

BOY:   I’ve got some pictures. Look.

WOMAN:   Oh, he looks happy.

BOY:   Yes, we went to the beach again on Sunday and I took some photos of him there. It was a cold day.

WOMAN:   Yes, I can see there aren’t any people in the sea.

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What did Tony eat at his party?


1) Which pet did Tony get for his birthday?


2) What did Tony wear at his party?


3) What did the children do at the party?


4) What did Tony like best about his birthday?


5) What’s the matter with Tony?


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1) B   2) B   3) A   4) A   5) C


What did Tony eat at his party?

BOY:   Hi, Aunt Sally.

WOMAN:   Did you have a nice birthday, Tony?

BOY:   Yes, it was great.

WOMAN:   What did you have to eat at the party?

BOY:   We had burgers.

WOMAN:   And chips?

BOY:   No, but we had lots of ice cream.

1) Which pet did Tony get for his birthday?

WOMAN:   Did you get a snake for your birthday, Tony?

BOY:   No, I wanted one but Mum doesn’t like them.

WOMAN:   Oh dear. children don’t like spiders, but I do.

BOY:   So do I. Mum bought me a rabbit. It’s OK.

WOMAN:   Can I see it?

BOY:   Yes.

2) What did Tony wear at his party?

WOMAN:   That’s a nice shirt that you’re wearing.

BOY:   Yes, it was a present from a friend.

WOMAN:   And at the party did you wear the sweater that I bought you?

BOY:   It was too hot. I wore a T-shirt.

3) What did the children do at the party?

WOMAN:   What did you do at your party?

BOY:   We played some good games. We had to look for treasure.

WOMAN:   Did you have a map to look at?

BOY:   Yes.

WOMAN:   And did you play football?

BOY:   No, but after the party I went skating with brother.

4) What did Tony like best about his birthday?

WOMAN:   What did you like best about your birthday, Tony?

BOY:   Well, I like this watch and Dad gave me a computer.

WOMAN:   Wow! What a lot of presents!

BOY:   Yes, but I made a video of the party. That was the best thing.

5) What’s the matter with Tony?

WOMAN:   But what’s the matter, Tony? Have you got a headache?

BOY:   No. I ate too much birthday cake yesterday.

WOMAN:   Have you got a stomach ache then? I’m sorry.

BOY:   No, but I’ve got a toothache. It hurts a lot.

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