Practice English Listening Tests for A1 – Listening Test 13

Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.


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Lines should be drawn between:

1) Sally and the girl eating the plate of sandwiches

2) Jane and the woman holding the baby

3) Bill and the boy under the table, playing with the cat

4) Nick and the boy eating ice cream

5) Sue and the girl with the guitar in the garden


WOMAN:   What are you looking at, Sam?

BOY:   It’s a photo of brother’s birthday party.

WOMAN:   Is he the blond boy who’s standing on the chair?

BOY:   Yes. His name’s Tom. He’s seven now.


WOMAN:   Who’s the girl who’s sitting next to Tom?

BOY:   The girl with all the sandwiches?

WOMAN:   Yes. She’s hungry, I think!

BOY:   Oh, yes ___ that’s Sally. She loves eating!


BOY:   Jane was at the party.

WOMAN:   Is she sitting at the table?

BOY:   No. She’s the woman who’s standing by the door. She’s mother’s friend.

WOMAN:   Oh! And she’s got a baby. Look at his curly hair!


WOMAN:   What’s his name? The boy who’s under the table playing with the cat.

BOY:   That’s Bill. He didn’t want to sit at the table with the children.

WOMAN:   Oh! Why?

BOY:   Well, he likes animals more than people!


WOMAN:   The boy who’s eating ice cream is enjoying the party.

BOY:   Yes, that’s our cousin. His name’s Nick.

WOMAN:   I like his hat.

BOY:   That red one is his favourite. He wears it every day.


BOY:   Look at Sue.

WOMAN:   Where is she?

BOY:   Outside in the garden. She’s got a guitar.

WOMAN:   Can she play it?

BOY:   Yes. She played ‘Happy Birthday’, and we all sang it.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

     Please look for:               Sports bag

1) Name of child:                 Daisy ________

2) Colour of bag:                 ________

3) The bag was:                   next to ________

4) Inside the bag was:        a ______________

5) Child’s address:               ________ Top Street

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1) Fry   2) orange   3) (the) swimming pool

4) towel   5) (number/no/#) 42/ forty-two


MAN:   Hello there. What’s the matter?

GIRL:   I can’t find sports bag.

MAN:   OK. Did you have your bag with you here at the swimming pool today?

GIRL:   Yes.

MAN:   All right, then we must find it for you!


MAN:   What’s your name?

GIRL:   It’s Daisy. Daisy Fry.

MAN:   Do you spell that F-R-Y, Daisy?

GIRL:   Yes. That’s right.


MAN:   And what colour is your bag, Daisy?

GIRL:   It’s orange and it’s got name on it.

MAN:   Orange, you say ___ ?

GIRL:   Yes.

MAN:   ___ because we’ve got a yellow one here.

GIRL:   No, that one isn’t mine.


MAN:   Now, where did you last have your bag?

GIRL:   It was on the grass outside.

MAN:   Next to the swimming pool, or the café?

GIRL:   The swimming pool.


MAN:   And what’s inside your bag, Daisy?

GIRL:   A towel. mother bought it for swimming lessons.

MAN:   Is that the only thing in your bag? A towel?

GIRL:   Yes.


MAN:   Now, where do you live?

GIRL:   address is 42, Top Street.

MAN:   Number 42. I know Top Street.

GIRL:   Do you?

MAN:   Yes, Now / must look for your bag, Daisy, and you must be more careful with your things.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Paul do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.


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1) Wednesday – walk in the forest

2) Tuesday – market

3) Saturday – skating

4) Thursday – cinema

5) Monday – visit to cousin’s house


WOMAN:   So, Paul, did you enjoy your week at your uncle’s house?

BOY:   Yes, I did. He lives in the mountains. It’s beautiful there, and there are a lot of things to do.

WOMAN:   But did you do your homework?

BOY:   Oh, yes. I did that on Friday.


BOY:   It snowed on Wednesday. That was the best day.

WOMAN:   Oh, What did you do?

BOY:   uncle and I walked in the forest. We saw a lot of animals.

WOMAN:   Were you afraid?

BOY:   Oh, no!


BOY:   We went to the market on Sunday. Oh no, sorry, that was on Tuesday.

WOMAN:   Tuesday? Right. So what did you buy?

BOY:   Oh, a lot of things. Bread and some cheese, and uncle bought a rabbit.

WOMAN:   To eat?

BOY:   No! For the children to play with!


WOMAN:   What did you do on Saturday, Paul? Did you go to the forest again?

BOY:   No, we went skating.

WOMAN:   Where did you do that?

BOY:   On a lake.


BOY:   And on Thursday, we went to the cinema.

WOMAN:   On Thursday?

BOY:   Yes. The film was about some men who climbed to the top of a mountain and found some treasure in the snow.

WOMAN:   Oh!


BOY:   I played with cousin on Monday.

WOMAN:   Oh, did you?

BOY:   Yes. I saw the rabbit again. They have a lot of animals at cousin’s house.

WOMAN:   Oh? What kind?

BOY:   They have chickens in their garden – and a goat.

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What does the girl want to buy?


1) What did the boy draw?


2) Where can they have the picnic?


3) What’s the parrot doing?


4) Where’s the blanket?


5) Which girl is Ann’s sister?


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1) B   2) B   3) C   4) A   5) C


What does the girl want to buy?

GIRL:   I need to buy some new clothes for holiday.

BOY:   More jeans?

GIRL:   No! I don’t need any, but I’d like a new coat.

BOY:   I never wear one. I like wearing jacket.

1) What did the boy draw?

BOY:   I had to draw an animal at school today, Mum. It was very difficult.

WOMAN:   What was it? A lion? A kangaroo?

BOY:   No, a smaller animal than that.

WOMAN:   What was it, then?

BOY:   A bat. teacher liked it.

2) Where can they have the picnic?

WOMAN:   We must stop and have the picnic. I’m tired and thirsty!

MAN:   OK. Would you like to eat there, by the river?

WOMAN:   No. How about next to the waterfall?

MAN:   The grass is wet there. Look – on those rocks? That’s a better place.

WOMAN:   Yes, OK.

3) What’s the parrot doing?

GIRL:   Can I give the parrot some fruit, Mum?

WOMAN:   Not now. It’s sleeping.

GIRL:   But I can hear it! It’s talking.

WOMAN:   No it isn’t. That’s the radio!

4) Where’s the blanket?

WOMAN:   Where’s the blanket? I need it for the baby to sit on.

MAN:   It’s downstairs in the basement, isn’t it?

WOMAN:   No, I looked there and it’s not outside in the garden.

MAN:   Oh, I know. It’s upstairs, in the bedroom.

5) Which girl is Ann’s sister?

GIRL:   Can you see that girl?

MAN:   Which girl, Ann? The one on the balcony?

GIRL:   No, she’s there, in the street.

MAN:   Is she skipping?

GIRL:   No. She’s playing with the leaves. Well, that’s sister!