Practice English Listening Tests for A1 – Listening Test 12

Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.


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Lines should be drawn between:

1) Peter and the main in the white T-shirt, under the clock

2) Sue and the legs sticking out of the water

3) John and the boy with the ball in his hands

4) Pat and the woman in the pink swimming hat

5) Ben and the man in the blue T-shirt and blue trousers


WOMAN:   Can you see Jim? Is he in the water?

BOY:   No, he isn’t. He’s sitting down.

WOMAN:   Is that him, with the yellow towel on his shoulders?

BOY:   Yes, that’s him.


BOY:   The one who’s standing under the clock?

WOMAN:   Yes.

BOY:   He’s a swimming teacher.

WOMAN:   What’s his name? Do you know?

BOY:   That’s Peter.


WOMAN:   I’m looking for Sue now. Can you see her?

BOY:   No, I can’t – oh, yes I can! She’s standing on her hands under the water!

WOMAN:   Where? How can you see that?

BOY:   Look, you can only see her legs and feet!

WOMAN:   Oh, yes! I can see her.


WOMAN:   Those two boys are enjoying their name.

BOY:   Yes. I know the bigger one. His name’s John.

WOMAN:   Is he the one with the ball in his hands now?

BOY:   Yes, that’s right.


WOMAN:   Where’s Pat? Is she have?

BOY:   Yes. I saw her in the water. There she is. She’s swimming.

WOMAN:   Where?

BOY:   She’s wearing a pink swimming hat.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. She can swim very well.


BOY:   Does Ben work here?

WOMAN:   Yes, he’s here now. I can see him.

BOY:   In the water?

WOMAN:   No. He’s walking next to the pool.

BOY:   In a blue T-shirt and blue trousers?

WOMAN:   Yes.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

Park School Library

     Class:           7

1) Name:         Daisy ________

2) Book:          ‘ ____________’

3) Video:         ________

4) CD:              ____________ music

5) You can have these for:      One ________

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1) Spear   2) Plants   3) Tennis   4) Film   5) week


MAN:   Hello. You’re new here, aren’t you? Shall I help you?

GIRL:   Yes, please. I want to take these things out of the library.

MAN:   Right. Which class are you in?

GIRL:   Seven.

MAN:   Well, write seven here, look.



MAN:   Now, what’s your name?

GIRL:   Daisy Spear.

MAN:   How do you spell that?

GIRL:   It’s S-P-E-A-R.

MAN:   Right.


MAN:   Now, which book have you got?

GIRL:   This one. It’s name is ‘ Plants’.

MAN:   OK. Then we write ‘ Aunts’ here.

GIRL:   Um, not ‘Aunts’ – ‘Plants’!

MAN:   Oh, yes, sorry.


MAN:   Have you got a video there?

GIRL:   Yes.

MAN:   Is there a name on the box?

GIRL:   It’s a sports video. It says ‘Tennis’ on the box.

MAN:   OK. Put ‘Tennis’ here. Can you play well?

GIRL:   No, not very well. I want to play better.


MAN:   Have you got a CD player at home? You can take a CD.

GIRL:   I’d like to take this one. Is that OK?

MAN:   Yes.

GIRL:   It says ‘Music’ on the outside. Shall I write that?

MAN:   What kind of music is it?

GIRL:   Film music. I see, I write film music here.


MAN:   How many days do you need them all for?

GIRL:   Can I have them for one week?

MAN:   Yes. That’s fine. So, can you write ‘one week’ at the bottom, there, please?

GIRL:   Oh, yes, I see.

MAN:   Good. Now you can take all your things. Enjoy them!

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Bill do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.


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Tuesday      Wednesday

Saturday     Thursday

Friday          Monday


BOY:   Hello, Aunt Jane!

WOMAN:   Hello, Bill. I saw you in the pet shop on Wednesday.

BOY:   Oh! We were there because Mum wanted to get a cat for us.

WOMAN:   Did you find one?

BOY:   Yes! We’ve got a beautiful black and white cat at home now!

WOMAN:   Wow!


BOY:   On Friday, best friend came to sleep at our house.

WOMAN:   Did he? Did he sleep in your bedroom?

BOY:   Yes. He had ben and I slept on the floor.

WOMAN:   Did you sleep well?

BOY:   No! We played games for most of the night!


BOY:   And I had a good day on Saturday.

WOMAN:   Oh? What did you do?

BOY:   I went with school to the zoo.

WOMAN:   Great! What did you like best?

BOY:   All the big cats, like the lions and tigers!


WOMAN:   Did your friend come again on Tuesday, Bill?

BOY:   On Tuesday ___ no, I had a temperature and a headache.

WOMAN:   Oh dear!

BOY:   Yes, I was in bed all day.


BOY:   Dad painted bedroom last week.

WOMAN:   Oh! When did he do that?

BOY:   On Monday. He did three walls and I did one.

WOMAN:   Well done!

BOY:   Yes. It’s great now. It’s all purple.


WOMAN:   What did you do on Sunday, Bill?

BOY:   I don’t know. But Thursday was a good day.

WOMAN:   What did you do on Thursday?

BOY:   I did a painting of a lion. I enjoy painting a lot.

WOMAN:   Me too!

BOY:   And Mum put it on the wall. I love it!

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What does Nick want?


1) Which animal is Tom’s favourite pet?


2) Which girl is Fred’s cousin?


3) What’s Kim doing?


4) What can Paul have for his game?


5) What does Sally always do on Monday evening?


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1) B   2) C   3) A   4) C   5) B


What does Nick want?

MAN:   That pasta was very good. Thank you.

WOMAN:   Now, what can I give you, Nick? I’ve got fruit or ice cream.

MAN:   I’d like some fruit, please.

WOMAN:   Here you are. Would you like a cup of coffee with it?

MAN:   Thank you, but I can’t drink coffee. It gives me a headache.

1) Which animal is Tom’s favourite pet?

BOY:   I like all pets a lot.

WOMAN:   I know, Tom. I like the snake. It’s very beautiful. Which one is your favourite?

BOY:   I like big, black spider best.

WOMAN:   Mm. Well, don’t take him out of the box, please.

BOY:   OK. Would you like to see mouse?

WOMAN:   Yes, please. I like mice.

2) Which girl is Fred’s cousin?

MAN:   Hello, Fred. Is your mother here in the park?

BOY:   No. I’m here with cousin, but I can’t find her now.

MAN:   Is that her, in the blue dress?

BOY:   No. She’s got straight black hair. It isn’t curly, like mine.

MAN:   What’s she wearing?

BOY:   A yellow shirt and trousers.

3) What’s Kim doing?

MAN:   Where’s Kim? Is she in the kitchen, cooking the supper?

GIRL:   No, she’s in the bathroom, washing her hair. Why?

MAN:   There’s a film about dolphins on the TV. She wanted to watch it.

GIRL:   Right.

4) What can Paul have for his game?

BOY:   Can I have this old map for game?

WOMAN:   No, but you can play with that old camera.

BOY:   Oh, yes! Thank you. And can I have that box?

WOMAN:   I’m sorry, Paul, I need it.

5) What does Sally always do on Monday evening?

GIRL:   I don’t like Monday mornings. We have hockey. But I like the evenings. We always go to the supermarket.

BOY:   Do you like that? I don’t. I like Tuesday evenings better.

GIRL:   What do you do then, Bill?

BOY:   We go swimming.