Practice English Listening Tests for A1 – Listening Test 10

Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.


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Lines should be drawn between:

1) Daisy and the blonde girl eating sandwiches

2) Jim and the boy putting the chairs out

3) Jill and the girl in the red skirt queuing for lunch

4) Fred and the boy with the glasses in the blue sweater

5) Sally and the girl in green trousers reading at the table


WOMAN:   Hello, Sam. Are you hungry?

BOY:   Oh, hello, Miss Green ___ yes I am.

WOMAN:   Are these children in your class?

BOY:   Yes, there’s friend Paul.

WOMAN:   Is he the boy who’s carrying his lunch to the table?

BOY:   Yes, he’s got French fries and an apple.


WOMAN:   Who’s the girl with the long, blonde hair?

BOY:   Do you mean the girl who’s eating sandwiches?

WOMAN:   Yes.

BOY:   That’s Daisy. I like her.


BOY:   Look at Jim!

WOMAN:   I can’t see him. Where is he?

BOY:   He’s helping Mrs Cross.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. He’s carrying a chair for her.


BOY:   There’s Jill! She’s choosing something to eat.

WOMAN:   Oh ___ there are two girls there.

BOY:   Yes, but Jill’s the one with the red skirt.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes, I can see now.


WOMAN:   I like Fred’s new glasses.

BOY:   Where is he?

WOMAN:   There! Look, he’s wearing a blue sweater.

BOY:   Oh, sorry. I didn’t see him there.


BOY:   Who’s the new girl? Do you know?

WOMAN:   Which one do you mean?

BOY:   She’s sitting there, reading a book. She’s wearing green trousers.

WOMAN:   Oh, that’s Sally. It’s her first day at this school. Would you like to sit with her?

BOY:   OK. I can help her.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.


     Homework:               English

1) For which day?        ________

2) What to write:         ________

3) How long?                ____________ pages

4) What about?            ________

5) Book to read:           ‘The ________ World’

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1) Friday   2) (a) story   3) (about) 2/two

4) (the) jungles/jungles   5) Lost


MAN:   Good morning, children.

BOY+GIRL:   Good morning, Mr Brown.

MAN:   I have some homework to give you. I want you all to write this in your books.

GIRL:   OK. Is it our English homework?

MAN:   Yes, so write ‘English’ at the top of your books.



MAN:   Now. You must do the homework this week.

GIRL:   Which day shall we give it to you, Mr Brown?

MAN:   On Friday, please.

GIRL:   OK then. Friday.


BOY:   So, what do we have to do?

MAN:   Well, I want you all to do some writing.

BOY:   What kind of writing?

MAN:   A story, please.

BOY:   Oh good. I like writing stories.


GIRL:   How long does it have to be?

MAN:   Ah, that’s a good question. Um, about two pages, please.

GIRL:   But I can only write slowly! Can I do one page, please?

MAN:   No! I want you all to write two pages.


BOY:   What have we got to write about? Can we choose?

MAN:   No. I want you to write about the jungle.

BOY:   That’s difficult. I can’t do that.

MAN:   You must try, Nick. We saw a film about jungles yesterday.

BOY:   Well ___ I can try.


MAN:   Now, here’s the name of a book. Write it in your books, please.

GIRL:   Is this for homework?

MAN:   Yes. I want you all to try and read it.

GIRL:   What’s the name of the book?

MAN:   ‘The Lost World’.

GIRL:   ‘The Last World’?

MAN:   No. L-O-S-T.

GIRL:   OK, Mr Brown.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Jane do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.


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Tuesday      Wednesday

Monday      Saturday

Sunday      Thursday


MAN:   Hello, Jane. It’s good to see you in school again.

GIRL:   Thanks, Mr Park.

MAN:   Would you like to sell the class about your holiday?

GIRL:   OK. The best day was Monday. I climbed a mountain!

MAN:   Wow! Did you?

GIRL:   Yes.


MAN:   What about Thursday?

GIRL:   Thursday? Oh! Dad and I went finishing.

MAN:   Did you catch any fish?

GIRL:   No! We wanted some for dinner but we didn’t catch any.


GIRL:   One day, we went on a river boat.

MAN:   Oh, tell us! Which day was that?

GIRL:   Friday, I think. Oh, no ___ it was Wednesday. We took a picnic with us.

MAN:   So you enjoyed that day?

GIRL:   Yes! sister threw her sandwich in the water for the fish. It was funny.


MAN:   And did you go swimming?

GIRL:   Yes, on Tuesday. We swam in the sea on Tuesday. I love doing that.

MAN:   Me too! Was the water cold?

GIRL:   Yes!


MAN:   Did you have any bad weather?

GIRL:   Yes. Sunday was the worst. It rained all day.

MAN:   Oh, dear! Did you go for a drive?

GIRL:   No. We walked to a farm. The ducks liked the rain! We laughed at them!


MAN:   And when did you come home?

GIRL:   On Saturday. We were in the car all day.

MAN:   But did you stop for lunch?

GIRL:   Yes. We stopped in a village.

MAN:   It was a good holiday then?

GIRL:   Oh, yes! We all enjoyed it.

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What does Nick want for breakfast?


1) Which girl is May’s sister?


2) Where did Kim play?


3) Which animals did Sam like best at the zoo?


4) What did Jill buy at the shops?


5) What is Ben’s mum cooking for supper?


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1) B   2) C   3) A   4) A   5) C


What does Nick want for breakfast?

WOMAN:   Good morning, Nick! Would you like some breakfast?

BOY:   Yes, please, Mum. Can I have some eggs?

WOMAN:   Sorry, Nick. I haven’t got any. You can have some fruit or some bread and cheese.

BOY:   No, thanks. I don’t want that.

1) Which girl is May’s sister?

WOMAN:   Hello, May. What are you doing?

GIRL:   I’m trying to find sister. She went to buy an ice cream and now I can’t see her.

WOMAN:   I can help you. Has she got fair hair like you?

GIRL:   Yes ___ and she’s wearing a blue coat.

WOMAN:   There she is ___ look!

2) Where did Kim play?

MAN:   What did you do at the weekend, Kim?

GIRL:   We played with our kites. It was great.

MAN:   Did you go to the beach?

GIRL:   No. I played in the field.

MAN:   Which one – behind your house?

GIRL:   Yes, it was very windy up there. It’s better than the one next to the river.

3) Which animals did Sam like best at the zoo?

WOMAN:   Did you enjoy the zoo, Sam?

BOY:   Yes, thanks. We saw all the animals.

WOMAN:   Which did you like best – the lions?

BOY:   No, brother liked them, but I liked the pandas best.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes ___ they’re OK. But the bears are favourite.

4) What did Jill buy at the shops?

MAN:   Hello, Jill. Did you go to the shops after school?

GIRL:   Yes. I wanted to buy something for Sue – it’s her birthday today.

MAN:   Oh right. What did you choose – a CD?

GIRL:   No, she didn’t want one. I bought a video.

MAN:   That’s good. Her mum and dad gave her some new skates.

5) What is Ben’s mum cooking for supper?

GIRL:   What are you doing, Mum?

WOMAN:   I’m cooking supper. Are you hungry?

BOY:   Yes, I am! Is it chicken?

WOMAN:   No, it’s pasta today.

BOY:   Oh! Can we have French fries?

WOMAN:   No, we can’t have them every day!

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