Practice English Listening Tests for A1 – Listening Test 06

Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.


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Lines should be drawn between:

1) Jill and the baby sitting under the chair, playing with a toy

2) Daisy and the blonde-haired girl sitting by the sea

3) Paul and the curly-haired boy standing in the boat

4) John and the baby sitting in a chair, having a drink

5) Sally and the brown-haired girl sitting with the babies


WOMAN:   Where’s Jane?

MAN:   She’s in the water.

WOMAN:   Is she swimming?

MAN:   Yes, that’s right.

WOMAN:   She swims very well.

MAN:   Yes, she does.


MAN:   Which one is Jill?

WOMAN:   She’s a baby. She’s sitting under a chair.

MAN:   Is she having a drink?

WOMAN:   No, that’s not Jill. Jill is under the chair.

MAN:   Oh right. What’s she doing under the chair?

WOMAN:   She’s playing with something. It’s a kind of toy, I think.


MAN:   I’m looking for Daisy.

WOMAN:   Daisy? She’s got long hair.

MAN:   But there are three girls with long hair.

WOMAN:   Daisy’s hair is blonde.

MAN:   Oh, I can see her. She’s swimming in the sea.

WOMAN:   No, no, that’s Jane!

MAN:   Is Daisy sitting by the sea?

WOMAN:   Yes, that’s right.


MAN:   Where’s Paul?

WOMAN:   He’s sailing.

MAN:   Sorry?

WOMAN:   Paul’s sailing. He’s in the boat. Can’t you see him?

MAN:   There are two boys in the boat.

WOMAN:   Yes, Paul has curly hair.

MAN:   Is he standing or sitting?

WOMAN:   He’s standing.

MAN:   OK, I can see him.


MAN:   Has Paul got a brother?

WOMAN:   Yes, his name’s John.

MAN:   Is John in the boat with Paul?

WOMAN:   No! John’s only a baby.

MAN:   Oh, I can see him. He’s in the chair.

WOMAN:   That’s right. He’s having a drink.


MAN:   Where’s Sally?

WOMAN:   She’s sitting on the beach. She has long hair.

MAN:   What colour hair? Is it blonde?

WOMAN:   No, no, it’s brown.

MAN:   What’s she doing?

WOMAN:   She’s sitting next to the chair. She’s with the babies.

MAN:   Oh, yes, I can see her.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.


     Name of book:                           The Red River

1) Favourite sports:                       Tennis, ________ and swimming

2) School:                                         __________ Road School

3) Best friend: name                      John ________

4) Best friend: how old                 ________

5) Best friend: favourite sport     ________

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1) basketball   2) Long   3) Bird   4) 11/eleven   5) soccer


WOMAN:   What are you reading, Jim?

BOY:   It’s a school book.

WOMAN:   What’s the name of the book?

BOY:   The Red River.


WOMAN:   Do you like reading, Jim?

BOY:   It’s OK, but I like sports better.

WOMAN:   Which sports do you like?

BOY:   Tennis, basketball and swimming.


WOMAN:   Where do you swim?

BOY:   At school.

WOMAN:   Where do you go to school?

BOY:   I go to Long Road School.

WOMAN:   Is that L-O-N-G?

BOY:   Yes, that’s right.


WOMAN:   Do you have a lot of friends at school?

BOY:   Yes.

WOMAN:  Who’s your best friend?

BOY:   John Bird.

WOMAN:   How do you write that?

BOY:   B-I-R-D.


WOMAN:   How old is he?

BOY:   He’s eleven, like me.

WOMAN:   Eleven?

BOY:   That’s right.


WOMAN:   Does he like a lot of sports, like you?

BOY:   No, he only likes soccer.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Anna do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.


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Tuesday      Wednesday

Saturday      Sunday

Monday      Friday


MAN:   Hello, Anna!

GIRL:   Hello, Grandpa!

MAN:   What did you do last week? Tell me.

GIRL:   Ermm ___ on Saturday, I went for a long walk by the river.

MAN:   With your mum and dad?

GIRL:   Yes.


MAN:   What did you do on Sunday?

GIRL:   Nothing.

MAN:   You mean you were at home?

GIRL:   Yes, at home in the garden.

MAN:   Well, the weather was nice.

GIRL:   Yes, it was. We sat and read books.


GIRL:   But I had a great evening on Thursday – sorry, I mean Wednesday.

MAN:   What did you do?

GIRL:   I went to friend’s birthday party.

MAN:   Was it in the garden?

GIRL:   No. In her living room. There were lots of people there.


MAN:   And what about Tuesday afternoon?

GIRL:   I was at school on Tuesday, Grandpa!

MAN:   What did you do?

GIRL:   We did some singing in the music room. I enjoyed that.

MAN:   Hmm ___ I like singing, too.


MAN:   What did you do on Monday after school?

GIRL:   Ermm ___ I helped the teacher.

MAN:   Did you?

GIRL:   Yes. We put some pictures up on the wall.

MAN:   Did you draw the pictures?

GIRL:   All the children in class did.


MAN:   And what did you do on Friday? Did you go down to the river again?

GIRL:   Not that day. Two of friends came to see me at house.

MAN:   And what did you do?

GIRL:   We listened to music and danced a lot.

MAN:   And you enjoyed that?

GIRL:   Oh, yes!

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

Which boy is Peter?


1) Which book is Fred reading?


2) What did Paul buy?


3) What TV programmes does Jim like?


4) What would Sally like to eat?


5) What does Jill want to do today?


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1) A   2) B   3) A   4) B   5) B


Which boy is Peter?

WOMAN:   Who do you sit next to at school, Jim?

BOY:   Peter.

WOMAN:   Which one is Peter?

BOY:   He’s thin and he’s got brown hair.

WOMAN:   Does he wear glasses?

BOY:   No, he doesn’t.

WOMAN:   Is he thin with brown hair?

BOY:   Yes, that’s right. He’s thin with short brown hair.

1) Which book is Fred reading?

WOMAN:   What’s that book you’re reading. Fred?

BOY:   It’s a story book.

WOMAN:   Is it a school book?

BOY:   No, it isn’t. I only read it at home.

WOMAN:   What’s it about? Is it about the moon?

BOY:   No, it’s about stars.

2) What did Paul buy?

WOMAN:   Did you go shopping this afternoon, Paul?

BOY:   Yes, I did. I wanted a computer game.

WOMAN:   Did you buy it?

BOY:   No, I didn’t. I bought some new shoes.

WOMAN:   What colour?

BOY:   Brown. Oh, and I bought a jacket – a black one.

WOMAN:   Shoes and a jacket. Great!

3) What TV programmes does Jim like?

WOMAN:   What TV programmes do you like, Jim?

BOY:   I like sports programmes.

WOMAN:   Do you like football?

BOY:   No, I don’t.

WOMAN:   What about basketball?

BOY:   Yes, I like basketball ___ and tennis.

WOMAN:   What about baseball?

BOY:   No, I don’t like baseball.

4) What would Sally like to eat?

MAN:   Are you hungry, Sally?

GIRL:   Yes, I am. Can we buy something to eat?

MAN:   What would you like?

GIRL:   I’d like some French fries and an orange juice.

MAN:   French fries and an orange juice.

GIRL:   And can I have some ice cream?

MAN:   No, it’s a cold day. Let’s have some soup.

GIRL:   Oh, no, not soup. I want ice cream.

MAN:   OK, OK, you can have ice cream. French fries, orange juice and ice cream.

5) What does Jill want to do today?

MAN:   What do you want to do today, Jill?

GIRL:   I’d like to watch TV.

MAN:   Wouldn’t you like to go to the cinema?

GIRL:   Can we go on Saturday?

MAN:   I can’t go with you on Saturday.

GIRL:   That’s OK. Ben can go with me.

MAN:   So, it’s TV today, the cinema on Saturday.

GIRL:   That’s right.

MAN:   And your homework?

GIRL:   I did it this morning.