Practice English Listening Tests for A1 – Listening Test 05

Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.


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Lines should be drawn between:

1) Fred and the boy on the 1st floor in the bath

2) Peter and the blonde boy on the 2nd floor wearing a sweater

3) Paul and the boy on the 3rd floor playing on the computer

4) Jill and the brown-haired girl on the bottom floor drawing

5) Sally and the girl on the 3rd floor playing the guitar


MAN:   Where’s Jane?

WOMAN:   Jane? She’s on the third floor.

MAN:   The third floor. What’s she doing?

WOMAN:   She’s playing the piano.

MAN:   Oh, yes. I can see her.


MAN:   Where’s Fred?

WOMAN:   Fred? He’s on the first floor.

MAN:   What’s he doing? Is he washing his clothes?

WOMAN:   No. He’s in the bath.

MAN:   Oh, yes, I can see him.


MAN:   Can you see Peter?

WOMAN:   Yes. He’s on the second floor.

MAN:   Ah. He’s watching a video.

WOMAN:   Yes, he is.

MAN:   Which one is Peter?

WOMAN:   He’s wearing a sweater.

MAN:   Oh, yes. He’s got curly blonde hair, then?


WOMAN:   Where’s Paul? Is he watching a video?

MAN:   No, no, he doesn’t like videos. He’s playing on the computer.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. He’s on the third floor.

MAN:   Yes.


MAN:   Can you show me Jill?

WOMAN:   Yes, Jill is on the bottom floor.

MAN:   With brown hair.

WOMAN:   That’s right. With brown hair.

MAN:   What’s she drawing?

WOMAN:   I don’t know. I can’t see.


MAN:   Is that Sally on the third floor?

WOMAN:   Yes – she’s playing her guitar

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.


     How old?                                                 9

1) Present from Mum and Daddy:   a toy ________ boat

2) Favourite sport?                                    ________

3) Presents from her brother:                ________

4) How old is Jane’s brother?                 ________

5) Brother’s name?                                   ________

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1) sailing   2) soccer   3) clothes   4) 13/thirteen   5) Luke


WOMAN:   Happy birthday, Jane.

GIRL:   Thanks.

WOMAN:   How old are you?

GIRL:   I’m nine today.

WOMAN:   Nine. That’s great.


WOMAN:   What did your family give you?

GIRL:   Mum and Daddy gave me a boat.

WOMAN:   Wow, you mean a sailing boat?

GIRL:   Yes, a toy sailing boat.


GIRL:   And sister gave me a basketball.

WOMAN:   Do you play a lot of basketball?

GIRL:   Yes, but soccer is favourite sport.


WOMAN:   What did your brother give you?

GIRL:   Clothes. He always gives me clothes!


WOMAN:   How old is your brother?

GIRL:   He is older than I am. He’s thirteen.

WOMAN:   Thirteen?

GIRL:   Yes.


WOMAN:  And what’s his name?

GIRL:   His name’s Luke.

WOMAN:   How do you spell that?

GIRL:   L-U-K-E.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Lucy do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.


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Friday          Wednesday

Saturday      Thursday

Sunday        Tuesday


MAN:   Hello, Lucy. What did you do on Saturday?

GIRL:   Oh, I helped Mum and Dad, Uncle Tony.

MAN:   Did you help them in the garden?

GIRL:   Yes. There’s lots of work to do there.


MAN:   What did you do on Tuesday?

GIRL:   I went shopping with Mum.

MAN:   To buy some food?

GIRL:   Yes, we bought lots of food on Tuesday.


MAN:   And did you have a good day on Sunday?

GIRL:   Yes. We were all at home.

MAN:   Your brothers, Tom and Bill, too?

GIRL:   Yes.

MAN:   It was a nice, sunny day!

GIRL:   Mmm. We all played football in the garden.


MAN:   I saw you on Monday ___ no it was Friday!

GIRL:   Did you? Where?

MAN:   By the shoe shop.

GIRL:   Oh! I didn’t see you.

MAN:   No, I drove past in the car. Did you buy any shoes?

GIRL:   No. I didn’t like any.


MAN:   And were you at home on Wednesday?

GIRL:   Ermm, well, after school I was.

MAN:   Did you play in the garden?

GIRL:   Yes. friend, Alex, came to house and we both played outside.

MAN:   Does she go to your school, too?

GIRL:   Yes. She’s in class.


MAN:   And what did you do on Thursday? Did you go shopping again?

GIRL:   On Thursday? No, I watched TV.

MAN:   What did you watch? The football?

GIRL:   Yes! It was a great game.

MAN:   Yes! I watched it, too!

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What did Sally have for lunch?


1) What did Ben do yesterday?


2) What did Fred see yesterday?


3) What does Jim have for breakfast?


4) What pets has Peter got?


5) Where does Jill live?


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1) B   2) C   3) A   4) A   5) B


What did Sally have for lunch?

MAN:   What did you eat for lunch, Sally?

GIRL:   A burger.

MAN:   Only a burger?

GIRL:   And some French fries.

MAN:   Did you drink anything?

GIRL:   No, nothing.

1) What did Ben do yesterday?

WOMAN:   What did you do yesterday, Ben?

BOY:   I played basketball.

WOMAN:   With some friends?

BOY:   No, with brothers.

WOMAN:   How many brothers have you got?

BOY:   Four.

WOMAN:   Four brothers. Great!

2) What did Fred see yesterday?

GIRL:   Where did you go yesterday, Fred?

BOY:   I went to the zoo.

GIRL:   Did you see any lions?

BOY:   No, but I saw some pandas.

GIRL:   Pandas?

BOY:   Yes, and a lot of monkeys.

GIRL:   Oh, I love monkeys.

3) What does Jim have for breakfast?

WOMAN:   What do you have for breakfast, Jim?

BOY:   Bread and milk.

WOMAN:   Only bread and milk?

BOY:   No, I have fruit, too.

WOMAN:   What kind of fruit? Bananas?

BOY:   No, apples and pears.

4) What pets has Peter got?

BOY:   Peter bought a new pet yesterday.

GIRL:   What is it?

BOY:   A rabbit.

GIRL:   He’s got lots of pets.

BOY:   Yes, he’s got a cat, a dog and now a rabbit.

GIRL:   And a parrot.

BOY:   Oh, yes!

5) Where does Jill live?

MAN:   Do you live in the countryside, Jill?

GIRL:   Yes, I do. In a small house next to a lake.

MAN:   In the mountains?

GIRL:   No, not in the mountains.