Practice English Listening Tests for A1 – Listening Test 04

Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.


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Lines should be drawn between:

1) Sally and the girl in the blue dress who’s playing badminton.

2) Paul and the boy who’s climbing the tree

3) Jim and the boy under the tree

4) Jill and the girl in the long blue dress

5) Peter and the boy kicking the ball


MAN:   Where’s Jane?

WOMAN:   She’s in the garden. She’s playing badminton.

MAN:   Is she the girl in the red dress?

WOMAN:   Yes, she is.

MAN:   OK, I see her.


MAN:   So who’s the girl in the blue dress?

WOMAN:   The girl who’s playing badminton, or the girl who’s bouncing a ball?

MAN:   The girl who’s playing badminton.

WOMAN:   That’s Sally.

MAN:   Sally?

WOMAN:   That’s right.


MAN:   And where is Jane’s brother?

WOMAN:   Jane’s brother? Oh, you mean Paul.

MAN:   That’s right. Paul. Is he the boy who’s kicking a ball?

WOMAN:   No, he’s climbing a tree.

MAN:   Oh, I see him. He’s climbing very well.

WOMAN:   Yes, he is.


MAN:   Who’s that under the tree?

WOMAN:   The boy under the tree, or the girl?

MAN:   The boy. He wants to climb the tree, I think.

WOMAN:   His name’s Jim. He’s Jill’s brother.

MAN:   I see.


MAN:   Where is Jill?

WOMAN:   She’s here. She’s bouncing a ball.

MAN:   Is she the girl in the long blue dress?

WOMAN:   That’s right. That’s Jill.


MAN:   And who’s the boy who’s kicking the ball?

WOMAN:   The boy in the red T-shirt?

MAN:   Yes. Is that Bill?

WOMAN:   No, it’s Peter. Bill isn’t here today.

MAN:   Oh, so Peter likes soccer too.

WOMAN:   Yes, he does.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

     Brother’s name:                             Mark

1) How old:                                         ________

2) Where he works:                           ________

3) How many days he works:          ________

4) What he does at weekends:       ________

5) What sport he plays:                    ________

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1) 17/seventeen   2) (in a) library   3) 4/four

4) (goes to the) cinema   5) table tennis


WOMAN:   Hello, John. Tell me about your brother, please.

BOY:   OK. What can I tell you?

WOMAN:   Well, what’s his name?

BOY:   It’s Mark.


BOY:   Yes, M-A-R-K.


WOMAN:   How old is Mark?

BOY:   He’s 17 now.

WOMAN:   Oh, 17!


WOMAN:   Is Mark at school?

BOY:   No, he works now. He works in a library.


WOMAN:   Does he work at the weekend?

BOY:   No. He doesn’t work on Saturdays, Sundays or Wednesdays.

WOMAN:   Oh, he only works four days a week.

BOY:   Yes.


WOMAN:  What does he like doing at the weekend?

BOY:   He always goes to the cinema.

WOMAN:   Does he take you with him?

BOY:   Sometimes!


WOMAN:   Does he do any sport?

BOY:   He likes watching soccer, but he doesn’t play. He plays table tennis every Wednesday.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Vicky do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.


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Tuesday      Thursday

Monday      Wednesday

Saturday      Friday


MAN:   Hello, Vicky. Did you have a good holiday last week?

GIRL:   Yes, thanks, it was great.

MAN:   What did you do?

GIRL:   Well, on Saturday we went to the zoo. We saw a lot of animals there.


MAN:   What did you do on Friday?

GIRL:   We went to the cinema, I think.

MAN:   Did you?

GIRL:   Yes, that’s right. It rained that day.

MAN:   Was it a good film?

GIRL:   Yes. It was about animals in the jungle and it was funny.


MAN:   Did you have a picnic when you were on your holiday?

GIRL:   Yes. We took one to the beach.

MAN:   Which day was that?

GIRL:   Tuesday, I think. That’s right – Tuesday.


GIRL:   And I went swimming in the sea one day.

MAN:   Was that on Sunday? It was very sunny that day.

GIRL:   No, it was on Monday.

MAN:   Oh! Did you enjoy it?

GIRL:   Yes, and mum swam with me ___ and our dog!


MAN:   And did you go to the forest too?

GIRL:   Yes. On Wednesday. We had another picnic there. We sat near a river.

MAN:   Wow!

GIRL:   Yes. Our dog loved swimming there.

MAN:   Did you go in the water too?

GIRL:   No. It was too cold.


MAN:   And where did you go on Thursday?

GIRL:   On Thursday, it rained and rained so we didn’t go out.

MAN:   What did you do then?

GIRL:   I watched TV.

MAN:   What did you see?

GIRL:   Only an old film about an elephant. I didn’t enjoy it. It was boring.

MAN:   Oh!

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What did Peter do yesterday?


1) What did Jill have for lunch?


2) Where does Bill live?


3) What did Jim’s grandmother give him for his birthday?


4) Where is Mary going?


5) Which is Daisy’s new pet?


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1) C   2) B   3) A   4) A   5) C


What did Peter do yesterday?

WOMAN:   What did you do yesterday, Peter?

BOY:   I played basketball.

WOMAN:   Do you like basketball more than baseball?

BOY:   Yes, I do. I don’t like baseball. Do you like it?

WOMAN:   No. Soccer’s best!

1) What did Jill have for lunch?

MAN:   Did you have a good lunch, Jill?

GIRL:   Yes, it was OK.

MAN:   What did you have?

GIRL:   I had some soup.

MAN:   Only soup?

GIRL:   No. I had an apple after the soup.

MAN:   Oh. I had some sandwiches and a cake.

2) Where does Bill live?

WOMAN:   Where do you live, Bill?

BOY:   I like next to the playground and a shop.

WOMAN:   A toy shop.

BOY:   No, a bookshop.

WOMAN:   Do you like reading?

BOY:   Yes, I do.

3) What did Jim’s grandmother give him for his birthday?

WOMAN:   Was it your birthday last week, Jim?

BOY:   Yes, it was.

WOMAN:   Did you get any presents?

BOY:   Yes, I did. I got a new bike from grandmother, some CDs and a sweater.

WOMAN:   Did your parents give you the CDs?

BOY:   No, they gave me the sweater.

WOMAN:   And who gave you the CDs?

BOY:   grandfather.

4) Where is Mary going?

MAN:   Are you going to town, Mary?

GIRL:   Yes, I am.

MAN:   Are you going to the library?

GIRL:   No, I’m going to the cinema.

MAN:   The ABC Cinema?

GIRL:   No, the Park Cinema.

MAN:   Oh, enjoy the film!

GIRL:   Thanks.

5) Which is Daisy’s new pet?

GIRL:   I got a new pet yesterday.

MAN:   Another dog?

GIRL:   No, Dad didn’t want another dog.

MAN:   So, what did you get?

GIRL:   I wanted a rabbit but the shop didn’t have any.

MAN:   So, what did you get?

GIRL:   A parrot!