Practice English Listening Tests for A1 – Listening Test 03

Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.


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Lines should be drawn between:

1) Mrs Green and the lady in front of the supermarket wearing a red skirt and a red hat

2) Paul and the boy looking in the toy shop window carrying a school bag

3) Mr Farmer and the man driving the small blue car

4) Tom and the boy sitting on the bench outside the bank

5) Sue and the girl with the two children


MAN:   Hello, there are a lot of people here today.

WOMAN:   Yes, there are. Can you see Mrs Brown?

MAN:   Yes.

WOMAN:   Where is she?

MAN:   She’s riding her bicycle.

WOMAN:   Oh, yes. She rides very quickly, doesn’t she?


MAN:   Where’s Mrs Green. Do you know her?

WOMAN:   Yes, she’s in front of the supermarket.

MAN:   Oh. What’s she wearing?

WOMAN:   A red skirt and a red hat.

MAN:   Oh, yes! I can see her now.


MAN:   Where’s Paul?

WOMAN:   He’s looking in the window of the toy shop with a friend.

MAN:   But which one is Paul?

WOMAN:   The boy who’s carrying a school bag.

MAN:   Oh, I see him.


MAN:   I need to find Mr Farmer. Can you see him?

WOMAN:   Yes, I can.

MAN:   Where is he?

WOMAN:   He’s there in his car.

MAN:   Which car?

WOMAN:   The small blue one.


WOMAN:   Look at Tom. He’s very tired today.

MAN:   Where is he?

WOMAN:   He’s sitting outside the bank.

MAN:   Well, he played a lot of tennis yesterday.

WOMAN:   Yes, that’s why he’s sitting down now.


WOMAN:   Is that Sue?

MAN:   Where?

WOMAN:   Walking with the two children.

MAN:   Oh, yes, that’s Sue, but who are the children?

WOMAN:   I think they’re her cousins.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

     Name:                          Tom Hill

1) Lives:                          ________

2) How old:                    ________

3) Father’s name:          ________

4) Mother’s name:        ________

5) What hurts:               ________

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1) High   2) 10   3) John   4) Clare   5) neck


WOMAN:   Hello Tom. Can I ask you some questions?

BOY:   All right.

WOMAN:   What’s your family name?

BOY:   Hill.

WOMAN:   Can you spell that?

BOY:   H-I-L-L.

WOMAN:   Thank you.


WOMAN:   And where do you live Tom?

BOY:   15 High Street.

WOMAN:   Can you spell ‘High’ please?

BOY:   H-I-G-H.


WOMAN:   Now, how old are you, Tom?

BOY:   Ten. It was birthday last week.

WOMAN:   You’re very tall.

BOY:   Yes, all family are tall.


WOMAN:   Now, what’s your father’s name?

BOY:   John, like older brother.

WOMAN:   So there are two Johns in the family.

BOY:   Yes.


WOMAN:  And your mother’s name?

BOY:   It’s Clare.

WOMAN:   Is that C-L-A-R-E?

BOY:   That’s right.


WOMAN:   Now that’s the matter?

BOY:   neck hurts.

WOMAN:   Is it very bad?

BOY:   Yes, it hurts a lot.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Jim do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.


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Friday         Wednesday

Tuesday      Saturday

Monday      Sunday


WOMAN:   Hello, Jim. What did you do last week?

BOY:   Well, on Saturday when it rained, I helped Mum. We painted bedroom.

WOMAN:   Wow!

BOY:   It looks great now, Aunt Lucy.


WOMAN:   What did you do on Friday?

BOY:   Ermm ___ we went shopping. It rained that day.

WOMAN:   That’s right. Where did you go in the town?

BOY:   Only to the supermarket to buy some food.


WOMAN:   What did you do on Wednesday?

BOY:   We drove to a lake. I went with friend and his parents.

WOMAN:   Oh! What did you do there?

BOY:   We had a picnic.

WOMAN:   And did you swim there too?

BOY:   Yes, but it was cold!


BOY:   I went in a coat on Thursday, no sorry, it was Sunday.

WOMAN:   Where?

BOY:   At the beach. Dad and I went there in the morning.

WOMAN:   Did you enjoy that?

BOY:   Yes, but it was windy so it was difficult.


WOMAN:   And what did you do on Tuesday?

BOY:   Tuesday?

WOMAN:   Yes. Did you go to the beach that day too?

BOY:   No, I went to the new bookshop. The town was very busy.

WOMAN:   Oh.

BOY:   I wanted to get a present for Dad.


WOMAN:   What about Monday?

BOY:   The weather wasn’t good again that day. I went to friend’s flat.

WOMAN:   What did you do?

BOY:   We watched a DVD about someone who had a big sailing boat.

WOMAN:   Did you enjoy it?

BOY:   It was okay.

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

Which is Ben’s brother’s car?


1) What sport does Ben’s brother do?


2) Where does Ben’s brother work?


3) How did Ben go to his grandparents’ house?


4) What can Ben give his sister for her birthday?


5) What’s Ben’s sister’s favourite food?


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1) A   2) C   3) B   4) C   5) A


Which is Ben’s brother’s car?

BOY:   brother’s got a new car.

GIRL:   Oh which one is it Ben, that small one?

BOY:   No, it’s a beautiful, big one.

GIRL:   Is it blue?

BOY:   No, his last car was blue. This one’s red.

1) What sport does Ben’s brother do?

GIRL:   What sport does your brother do, Ben?

BOY:   He plays basketball every weekend.

GIRL:   Does he like swimming or tennis?

BOY:   No, he doesn’t.

2) Where does Ben’s brother work?

GIRL:   Where does your brother work Ben?

BOY:   Here in the town.

GIRL:   Yes, but where? In a school?

BOY:   No, he works in the zoo.

GIRL:   Where’s that?

BOY:   It’s near the library.

GIRL:   Oh, yes.

3) How did Ben go to his grandparents’ house?

GIRL:   Did you see your grandparents at the weekend Ben?

BOY:   Yes, we did. I was very happy.

GIRL:   Did you go by bus?

BOY:   No, the bus is very slow. We flew there.

GIRL:   Oh, did you?

BOY:   Yes, it’s quicker than the train.

4) What can Ben give his sister for her birthday?

BOY:   It’s sister’s birthday on Saturday. What can I give her, Daisy?

GIRL:   Does she like dolls?

BOY:   No, she doesn’t.

GIRL:   What about a dress?

BOY:   She never wears dresses. She likes playing football with me.

GIRL:   You can give her a ball then.

BOY:   Oh yes!

5) What’s Ben’s sister’s favourite food?

BOY:   Do you want to come to sister’s birthday party, Daisy?

GIRL:   Thanks. Have you got a birthday cake?

BOY:   Yes, but sister doesn’t like cake.

GIRL:   What’s her favourite food, burgers?

BOY:   She likes bananas best. She sometimes eats ten every day!