Practice English Listening Tests for A1 – Listening Test 01

Listening Part 1 – 5 questions

Listen and draw lines. There is one example.


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Lines should be drawn between:

1) Paul and the boy under the tree eating a banana

2) John and the boy giving an apple to the horse

3) Jill and the girl holding a rabbit

4) Sally and the girl chasing the sheep

5) Jane and the girl drawing


MAN:   Hello, is Fred at the farm today?

WOMAN:   Yes, I think he’s looking at the ducks.

MAN:   Is he wearing blue trousers?

WOMAN:   Yes, that’s Fred.

MAN:   That’s good. He loves ducks.


MAN:   Where’s Paul?

WOMAN:   He’s sitting under the tree with his friend.

MAN:   There are two boys under the tree. Which one is Paul?

WOMAN:   He’s eating a banana.

MAN:   Oh yes! I can see him now.


MAN:   I’m looking for John. Can you see him?

WOMAN:   What’s he wearing today?

MAN:   A green T-shirt, I think.

WOMAN:   Oh yes. He’s giving an apple to the horse.


MAN:   Look at Jill.

WOMAN:   I can’t see her. Where is she?

MAN:   She’s sitting with her friend.

WOMAN:   Has she got a rabbit?

MAN:   Yes and it’s very beautiful.


WOMAN:   Can you see Sally?

MAN:   Yes I can. She’s running.

WOMAN:   Where? I can’t see her.

MAN:   She’s running after that sleep.

WOMAN:   Oh yes, but she can’t catch it!


WOMAN:   Is that Jane sitting on the grass?

MAN:   With blonde hair?

WOMAN:   What’s she doing?

MAN:   She’s trying to draw a picture.

WOMAN:   Oh, she’s drawing very carefully.

Listening Part 2 – 5 questions

Listen and write. There is one example.

     Name:                      Jill Walker

1) Lives at:                   7 __________ Street

2) Class number:         ________

3) Favourite sport:      ________

4) Likes reading:         ________

5) Pet:                           ________

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1) Main   2) 4b   3) hockey   4) comics   5) snake


MAN:   Hello Jill. Can I ask you some questions?


MAN:   What’s your family name?

GIRL:   family name’s Walker.

MAN:   Jill Walker. Can you spell that?

GIRL:   W-A-L-K-E-R.

MAN:   Thank you.


MAN:   Where do you live Jill?

GIRL:   I live at 7 Main Street.

MAN:   Can you spell that please?

GIRL:   Yes M-A-I-N.


MAN:   Do you like school Jill?

GIRL:   Yes, I do.

MAN:   Which class are you in?

GIRL:   I’m in 4b. I’ve got a lot of friends in the class.

MAN:   4b.


MAN:   And what about sports?

GIRL:   Oh I love swimming, hockey and basketball.

MAN:   Which is your favourite sport?

GIRL:   I love hockey best.

MAN:   Hockey’s a good game.


MAN:   What do you do at the weekends?

GIRL:   I have a lot of hobbies. But I like reading best.

MAN:   Do you like reading books or comics?

GIRL:   Mmmm ___ that’s difficult. I think comics are favourite.


MAN:   Have you got any pets?

GIRL:   Yes, I have. I love animals.

MAN:   What kind of pet have you got?

GIRL:   I’ve got a snake. He’s very beautiful.

MAN:   A snake! That’s a good pet.

Listening Part 3 – 5 questions

What did Jane do last week?

Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture.

There is one example.


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Saturday        Monday

Thursday        Sunday

Tuesday        Wednesday


MAN:   Hello, Jane?

GIRL:   Hello, Uncle Tony.

MAN:   What did you do last week? Tell me.

GIRL:   Well, on Thursday, I went to friend’s birthday party.

MAN:   On Thursday?

GIRL:   Yes. She had a great cake!


MAN:   What did you do on Tuesday?

GIRL:   On Tuesday, I was at home. I did homework.

MAN:   Was it difficult?

GIRL:   No, it was easy. I had to write a story.


MAN:   What about Saturday? What did you do then?

GIRL:   I watched a soccer game.

MAN:   Did you go with your friends?

GIRL:   No, I went there with dad.

MAN:   Was it a good game?

GIRL:   Oh yes! It was very exciting.


MAN:   And did you go for a walk with the dog on Monday? It was a sunny day ___

GIRL:   No, I sat inside all day. I had a bad cold.

MAN:   Oh dear! I didn’t know that.

GIRL:   I read new book. Mum gave it to me on birthday.


MAN:   What about Sunday?

GIRL:   Erm ___ Dad drove us to the countryside that day.

MAN:   What did you do there?

GIRL:   We went for a walk near a waterfall.

MAN:   Great! Did you take any photos?

GIRL:   No.


MAN:   And what did you do on Wednesday?

GIRL:   We all went to the park.

MAN:   To watch another soccer game?

GIRL:   No. We played with our ball.

MAN:   And did you take the dog with you?

GIRL:   Oh yes!

Listening Part 4 – 5 questions

Listen and tick (✓) the box. There is one example.

What is Jill wearing?


1) What does Daisy want for supper?


2) What did Sally get for her birthday?


3) Where did Peter go at the weekend?


4) What was the matter with Marry?


5) What fruit has Fred got in his garden?


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1) A   2) C   3) C   4) B   5) C


What is Jill wearing?

GIRL:   Look Mum, can you see friend Jill?

WOMAN:   No, I can’t. What’s the wearing? Red trousers?

GIRL:   No. She’s got a new dress.

WOMAN:   Is it blue?

GIRL:   No, it’s yellow.

1) What does Daisy want for supper?

GIRL:   I’m hungry Mum.

WOMAN:   What would you like for supper Daisy, a burger?

GIRL:   No, I had a burger at school today. Can I have some pasta?

WOMAN:   Yes, with some juice and bread?

GIRL:   I’m thirsty but I don’t want any bread.

2) What did Sally get for her birthday?

GIRL:   It was Sally’s birthday last week.

WOMAN:   Oh, what did her parents give her?

GIRL:   I don’t know.

WOMAN:   She wanted a guitar or a computer.

GIRL:   Well they didn’t give her those. Oh yes, I know. They gave her a new camera.

WOMAN:   She’ll like that. She loves taking photos.

3) Where did Peter go at the weekend?

WOMAN:   Where did your friend Peter go at the weekend?

GIRL:   Well, he wanted to go and watch a basketball game.

WOMAN:   So did he go?

GIRL:   No, he couldn’t. His mum wanted to go to the mountains for the weekend and his dad wanted to go to the sea.

WOMAN:   Did he go to the sea then?

GIRL:   No, his dad had to work but he went with his mum to the mountains.

4) What was the matter with Marry?

GIRL:   Mary couldn’t come to school today.

WOMAN:   What was the matter with her? Did she have a stomach ache?

GIRL:   No, she had a temperature.

WOMAN:   Was she in bed?

GIRL:   No, she sat on the sofa in the living room.

5) What fruit has Fred got in his garden?

GIRL:   Mum, Fred’s parents have got a new house in the country. It’s very big.

WOMAN:   That’s good. Has it got a garden?

GIRL:   Yes, it has, and there’s a lot of fruit.

WOMAN:   Oh. Does it have coconuts or bananas?

GIRL:   No, but it’s got a lot of pineapples.