English Grammar Exercises for A1 – Present simple and continuous

1. Match two sentences with each use. Write a, b or c in the boxes.

a an action happening now

b a regular event or action

c a fact which is always true

1) Rebecca has guitar lessons on Fridays.

2) We’re feeling excited about the wedding.

3) They speak Portuguese in Brazil.

4) Martha is wearing a beautiful dress.

5) Vegetarians don’t eat meat.

6) I usually wear shorts in the summer.

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1) b   2) a   3) c   4) a   5) c   6) b

2. Underline the verbs which we do not use in the continuous form.

believe      enjoy      hate      need      seem      study

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believe, hate, need, seem

3. Complete the email. Use the present simple or continuous form of the verbs in exercise 2.

Hi Oscar!

How are you? Can I borrow your tennis racquet again? I 1) _______ it for a match on Saturday. racquet is really old. I 2) _______ it.

sister Gracie is home for the weekend. She 3) _______ history at university in Scotland. She 4) _______ it a lot and she 5) _______ really happy. She says it’s more fun than school and I 6) _______ her!

Let me know about the racquet!


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1) need   2) hate   3) ’s studying   4) ’s enjoying   5) seems

6) believe

4. Complete one sentence in each pair with the present continuous and one with the present simple. Use the verb in brackets.

1) (listen)

a Alisha can’t hear you. She ____________ to her MP3 player.

b I ____________ to music on the bus every morning.

2) (make)

a dad usually ____________ dinner at weekends.

b At school, we ____________ a film about the environment.

3) (not speak)

a I don’t understand this part of the film. They ____________ English.

b parents are from Italy, but I ____________ Italian.

4) (not wear)

a ‘I’m cold.’

‘That’s because you ____________ a jacket.’

b mum works for the police, but she ____________ a uniform.

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1)  a ’s listening b listen

2)  a makes b ’re making

3)  a aren’t speaking b don’t speak

4)  a aren’t wearing b doesn’t wear

5. Read the dialogue. Choose the correct verb forms.

Brooke Hi, Evan. Why 1 do you wear / are you wearing that jacket and tie?

Evan     2 I try / I’m trying it on.

Brooke You usually 3 wear / are wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

Evan     4 I know / I’m knowing . But it’s cousin’s wedding next month.

Brooke I always 5 get / am getting bored at weddings.

Evan     Really? I’m excited about this one. It’s in Hollywood.

Brooke6 I don’t believe / I’m not believing you!

Evan     It’s true. 7 I don’t joke / I’m not joking . cousin 8 lives / is living in California for a year.

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1) are you wearing   2) I’m trying   3) wear   4) I know

5) get   6) I don’t believe   7) I’m not joking   8) is living

6. Look at the pictures and complete the mini-dialogues. Use the present simple or continuous.


Girl 1 Why 1) _______ he ____________ (stand) on the table?

Girl 2 He 2) _______ (not like) spiders.


Boy   Why 3) _______ you ____________ (not write)?

Girl   4) _______ (not understand) the question.


Girl    Why 5) _______ you ____________ (laugh)?

Boy  6) _______ (watch) a Ben Stiller film.

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1) Why is he standing on the table?

2) He doesn’t like spiders.

3) Why aren’t you writing?

4) I don’t understand the question.

5) Why are you laughing?

6) I’m watching a Ben Stiller film.


Write four true sentences about yourself. Write what you (1) are wearing now and (2) are doing now, and what you (3) usually wear and (4) usually do at parties.

1) ___________

2) ___________

3) ___________

4) ___________