English Grammar Exercises for A1 – have to

1. What do the signs mean? Complete the sentences using have to and the verbs below.

be      sit      stop      turn      walk      wear


1) You __________


2) You __________ left.


3) You __________ careful.


4) You __________ a hard hat.


5) You ______.__ down.


6) You __________

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1) have to stop   2 have to turn   3) have to be

4) have to wear 5) have to sit   6) have to walk

2. Complete the sentences with have to / has to or doesn’t have to / don’t have to.

1) Your mum __________ buy a ticket for me. I’ve got one.

2) You __________ leave now. The café is closed.

3) We __________ take sandwiches to school. We can buy food at the café.

4) friend’s dad __________ work. He’s got millions of euros in the banks!

5) We can take mobile phones to school, but we __________ turn them off during lessons.

6) I don’t like basketball, but I __________ play it at school in P.E. lessons.

7) You __________ pay when you see a doctor in the UK – it’s free.

8) We __________ arrive at school by 8.20 because lessons start at 8.25.

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1) doesn’t have to   2) have to   3) don’t have to   4) doesn’t have to

5) have to   6) have to   7) don’t have to   8) have to

3. Complete Conrad’s email with have to / has to or doesn’t have to / don’t have to and the verbs in brackets.

To: dexter@email.com

Hi Dexter,

I’m in Bolivia for six months with mum and dad. I don’t go to school here – I 1) _____ (have) lessons at home instead. parents aren’t teachers – luckily! They 2) _____ (go) to work at the museum every day. I have a teacher who comes to our house at 8 o’clock in the morning. I 3) _____ (study) all the usual subjects, with extra lessons in Spanish. But I 4) _____ (take) any exams here. teacher leaves at 5 p.m., when mum gets home. ( day often 5) _____ (work) late – until 8 p.m. or 9 p.m.) So school day is very long – but I 6) _____ (do) any homework, so that’s good!

Please reply soon. You 7) _____ (write) a long email. A short message is OK!

Bye for now.


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1) have to have   2) have to go   3) have to study

4) don’t have to take   5) has to work

6) don’t have to do   7) don’t have to write

4. Complete the questions about Conrad and his family with the interrogative form of have to. Then write short answers.

1) Does Conrad have to go to school?

 No, he doesn’t.

2) _____ Conrad __________ have lessons?


3) _____ Conrad’s parents __________ go to work?


4) _____ Conrad __________ study Spanish?


5) _____ Conrad __________ take exams?


6) _____ Conrad’s mum __________ work late?


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2) Does, have to. Yes, he does.

3) Do, have to. Yes, they do.

4) Does, have to. Yes, he does.

5) Does, have to. No, he doesn’t.

6) Does, have to. No, she doesn’t.

5. What do you have to do after school? Write true sentences about yourself using the phrases in brackets.

1) (walk home)   I have to / don’t have to walk home.

2) (cook dinner)   __________________

3) (set the table)   __________________

4) (tidy room)   __________________

5) (do homework)   __________________

6) (go to bed early)   __________________

7) (do the ironing)   __________________

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your own answers

6. Complete the dialogue with the correct form of have to and the verbs in brackets.

Louise Do you help with the housework at home, Thalia?

Thalia Yes, I do.

Louise What 1) _____? (you / do)

Thalia Well, I 2) _____ (not clean) the house, but I 3) _____ (set) the table for dinner every day. brother does more housework than me.

Louise What 4) _____? (your brother / do)

Thalia He 5) _____ (load) the dishwasher every night after dinner. But he 6) _____ (not / unload) it. dad does that in the morning.

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1) do you have to do

2) don’t have to clean

3) have to set

4) does your brother have to do

5) has to load

6) doesn’t have to unload