English Grammar Exercises for A1 – going to

1. Complete the sentences with the affirmative form of going to and one of the verbs below.

do      have      move      play      study      tidy      visit      watch

1) They’re going to play volleyball at the beach.

2) I ________. TV at home tonight.

3) We ________. our cousins in Spain next summer.

4) She ________. physics at university next year.

5) best friend ________. to the USA.

6) brother and I ________. karate this evening.

7) You ________. your bedroom this evening!

8) friends ________. a barbecue next weekend.

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2) ’m going to watch   3) ’re going to visit   4) ’s going to study

5) is going to move   6) are going to do

7) ’re going to tidy   8) are going to have

2. Complete the sentences with the affirmative or negative form of going to and the verbs in brackets.

1) They ________. (play) football, they’re going to watch it.

2) He ________. (walk) to school, he’s going to cycle.

3) I ________. (have) lunch because I’m not hungry.

4) She ________. (go) to bed early because she’s tired.

5) I’m interested in athletics, so I ________. (watch) the Olympic Games on TV.

6) We ________. (go) shopping, we’re going to stay at home.

7) I ________. (finish) homework tonight, I’m going to do it tomorrow.

8) I ________. (write) a long email and then send it to friend in Spain.

9) We ________. (buy) a new car because our old car is fine.

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1) aren’t going to play   2) isn’t going to walk

3) ’m not going to have   4) ’s going to go   5) ’m going to watch

6) aren’t going to go   7) ’m not going to finish

8) ’m going to write   9) aren’t going to buy

3. Complete the future time expressions with the words below. Use each word once.

afternoon      day      in      next      this       tomorrow      week      weeks

1) _____. evening

2) _____. month

3) _____. a few days

4) next ________.

5) this ________.

6) the ________. after tomorrow

7) in a few ________.

8) _____.

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1) this   2) next   3) in   4) week   5) afternoon   6) day

7) weeks   8) tomorrow

4. Look at the table about the teenagers’ plans for the weekend. Complete the questions and write short answers.





go shopping

play tennis

do yoga

visit friends

watch a DVD

make a cake

1) (Ava / make a cake)

 Is Ava going to make a cake?

      No, she isn’t.

2) (Ava / visit friends)



3) (Leo / play tennis)



4) (Lily and Rory / watch a DVD)



5) (Rory / visit friends)



6) (Ava and Leo / do yoga)



7) (Lily / go shopping)



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2) Is Ava going to visit friends? Yes, she is.

3) Is Leo going to play tennis? No, he isn’t.

4) Are Lily and Rory going to watch a DVD? Yes, they are.

5) Is Rory going to visit friends? Yes, he is.

6) Are Ava and Leo going to do yoga? No, they aren’t.

7) Is Lily going to go shopping? No, she isn’t.

5. Write about your own plans. Use the affirmative or negative form of going to and the verbs below. Include a time expression from exercise 3.

1) listen to music

 I’m going to listen to music this evening.

2) take an exam


3) go cycling


4) visit cousins


5) do a lot of homework


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your own answers

6. Complete the dialogue with the correct form of going to and the verbs in brackets.

Ryan Chad, 1) _____. the football final at the weekend? (you / watch)

Chad No, I 2) _____. here at the weekend. (not be)

Ryan Really? Why’s that?

Chad I’m going to a music festival with some friends.

Ryan Are you? Who 3) _____.? (you / see)

Chad A lot of different bands. The festival is all weekend.

Ryan Right. Where 4) _____. ? (you / stay)

Chad We’re camping. There are four of us, so we 5) _____. a tent. (take)

Ryan You 6) _____. (not sleep) very much if there are four of you in the tent! How 7) _____. there? (you / get)

Chad One of friends has a car, so he 8) _____. (drive). I’m really looking forward to it!

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1) are you going to watch   2) ’m not going to be

3) are you going to see   4) are you going to stay

5) ’re going to take   6) aren’t going to sleep

7) are you going to get   8) ’s going to drive