English Word Skills Exercises for A1 – do, make, have, take, bring

1. Complete the table. Use the words below.

an argument      a bed      the bus      the cleaning      a conversation

a drink      friends      the hoovering      housework

nothing / something      a shower      somebody’s advice



1) _______

2) _______

3) _______

4) _______

5) _______

6) _______

7) _______

8) _______



9) _______

10) _______

11) _______

12) _______

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do1 the cleaning    2) the hoovering   3) housework   4) nothing / something

have5 an argument   6) a conversation   7) a drink   8) a shower

make9 a bed   10) friends take    11) the bus    12) somebody’s advice

2. Complete the dialogues. Use the correct form of do, make, have and take.


Elvina  How are you, Jed?

Jed       Not very well. I’ve got a bad headache.

Elvina  Lie down. 1) _______ a rest. 2) _______ a drink of water and 3) _______ some painkillers.

Jed      I’ve done those things. I’m going to 4) _______ an appointment to see the doctor.

Elvina Do you want to borrow phone to 5) _______ the phone call?

Jed      Yes, please. And can you 6) _______ me another favour? Can you give me a lift to the doctor’s?

Elvina Sure. No problem


Amelia  Shall we 7) _______ a game of cards?

Alfie      No, sorry. I haven’t got time. I have to 8) _______ the washing up. Then I have to 9) _______ the rubbish out and 10) _______ homework. That will 11) _______ ages!

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1) Have 2) Have   3) take   4) make   5) make   6 do

7) have   8) do   9) take   10) do   11) take

3. Complete the sentences with the words below.

your best      breakfast      dinner      the exam      mistakes      a photo

the shopping

1) What time did you have ____________ this morning?

2) When you take ____________, don’t worry if you make ________ Just do ____________

3) I took ____________ of the beautiful sunset.

4) Mum’s doing ____________ at the supermarket.

5) Dad’s in the kitchen. He’s making ____________ for us.

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1) breakfast   2) the exam, mistakes, your best   3) a photo

4) the shopping   5) dinner

4. Complete the rules. Use away from and towards.

1) We use bring when the direction of travel is ____________ the speaker: Please bring me a glass of water.

2) We use take when the direction of travel is ____________ the speaker: Don’t forget to take your homework to school.

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1) towards   2) away from

5. Circle the correct verbs to complete the sentences.

1) Don’t forget to bringtake your passport when you go to the airport.

2) I’m hungry. Can you bringtake me a sandwich?

3) Can I bringtake a friend to your party?

4) Please bringtake this letter to the post office for me.

5 BringTake an umbrella when you go out.

6 BringTake your holiday photos to show me.

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1) take   2) bring   3) bring   4) take   5) Take   6) Bring

6. Choose the correct answers.

1) Can I borrow your mobile? I need to _____________ a phone call.

a do               b have

    c make          d take

2) Tom and Kiera stop talking to each other every time they _____________ an argument.

a do               b have

   c  make          d take

3) Can you _____________ the rubbish out later, please?

a do               b have

    c make          d take

4) You don’t have to win the race; just _____________ your best.

a do               b have

     c make          d take

5) It’s too far to walk; let’s _____________ the bus.

a do               b have

    c make          d take

6) I always _____________ bed before I go to school.

     a   do               b   have

     c   make          d   take

7) I’m going to _____________ a party on birthday.

a do               b have

     c make          d take

8) We stopped on the way home to _____________ some shopping.

a do               b have

 c  make          d take

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1)2)3) d  4)5)6)7) b  8) a