English Grammar Exercises for A1 – Comparative adjectives

1. Read the sentences. Write the correct names of the five boys.

Ewan is taller than Ryan.

Ryan is shorter than Harry.

Harry is taller than Ewan.

Lewis is shorter than Ewan.

Jack is shorter than Ryan.

Lewis is taller than Ryan.


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1) Jack   2) Ryan   3) Lewis   4) Ewan   5) Harry

2. Complete the table. Use the comparative form of the adjectives in the box.

attractive       bad      big      famous      far      fierce      funny

good      heavy      hot      large       rich      short      tall      wide

+ er

+ r

y ier

double consonant + er

more + adj


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+ er    richer, shorter, taller

+ r    fiercer, larger, wider

y ➞ ier    funnier, heavier

double consonant + er    bigger, hotter

more + adjective    more attractive, more famous

irregular    worse, further, better

3. Complete the text. Use the comparative form of the adjectives in brackets.

Humans and chimps: a comparison

Chimpanzees live in the forests of central Africa. They’re much 1) _____ (good) than humans at climbing trees, but on the ground, humans are 2) _____ (fast). Chimps walk on their hands and feet. Their arms are 3) _____ (long) than their legs.

Humans are 4) _____ (big) and 5) _____ (heavy) than chimps and they’re 6) _____ (tall) too. But chimps are much 7) _____ (strong) than humans. They hunt 8) _____ (small) animals for food. Chimps are intelligent animals, but humans are 9) _____ (intelligent).

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1) better   2) faster   3) longer   4 bigger   5) heavier   6) taller

7) stronger   8) smaller   9) more intelligent

4. Write questions using the words in brackets. Use the comparative form of the adjective. Then answer the questions.

1) (large / an African elephant / an Indian elephant)

   Which is larger, an African elephant or an Indian elephant?

      An African elephant.

2) (intelligent / a chimpanzee / a dog)



3) (far from Ireland / Asia / North America)



4) (hot / Mexico / Canada)



5) (heave / gold / silver)



6) (fattening / fruit / butter)



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2) Which is more intelligent, a chimpanzee or a dog?

  A chimpanzee.

3) Which is further from Ireland, Asia or North America?

   North America.

4) Which is hotter, Mexico or Canada? Mexico.

5) Which is heavier, gold or silver? Gold.

6) Which is more fattening, fruit or butter? Butter.

5. Look at the photos and compare the places. Use the comparative form of adjectives from the box, or your own ideas.

beautiful      busy      cold      exciting      hot      interesting


The beach is quieter than the ski resort.






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