Fill in the gaps with the Simple Present or Present Continuous Tense

It ______________ (be) winter and it ____________ (snow). It usually _____________ (snow) in January here. Betty and James ______________ (play) in the garden. They ____________ (build) a snowman and they ____________ (throw) snowballs. They ______________(like) the snow very much. Their father and mother _____________ (not/like) it. They always ___________(stay) in the house when it is cold. Their mother usually ________________ (watch) TV and their father ______________(listen) to the radio or  _____________ (read) a book. At the moment, they ______________ (sit) in the living room. Mother _______________ (write) a letter and father ____________ (read) a book. They often _____________ (look) out the window to watch their children playing.