Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb in brackets

 I _______________ (live) in Japan with my husband, Paul. I _____________(be) a teacher, and Paul ___________(be) a journalist. We ______________(live) in a flat near the centre of Tokyo. It ______________ (be) very expensive. Paul ___________ (work) at home. He ____________ (read) and ____________ (write) a lot. He ____________ (have) a computer. I _____________ (work) in a language school in Tokyo.We ______________ (have) a car, but I don’t _______________ (drive) to work . I ______________ (walk) . At weekends, Paul ______________ (play) football, and I ____________ (go) swimming. On Saturday evenings,  we ____________ (go) to the cinema, or sometimes we ___________ (cook) dinner for our friends.