Fill in the blanks  with the  passive or active voice  of  the verb in parantheses. Use an appropriate tense.

A few weeks  ago, while  I   (1)_____________ ( shop)  at the supermarket near my house ,
 I (2) _____________ (rob).   I   was  at  the  checkout counter, paying my groceries. When
I (3) _____________(give)  my change by the cashier, I  (4) _____________ (put)  it in my purse. As I  (5) _____________ out of the store , I (6) _____________ (feel )  a pull  at my purse . Suddenly ,  I (7)_____________ ( see)  a man  run past me.  I  ran back  into the  store and  told the manager  what happened. The manager called the police immediately.  However I thought  he will never (8) _____________ (catch). When the police arrived  I told them “ My wallet (9) _____________ (steal )  Actually,  the theif got on the train   and disappeared. Unfortunately my wallet (10) _____________  (find) yet.
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