Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given.

Dear Alice,

This is my second week in London. I (1)_________________(stay) with my fiancee, John, and his
family. They (2)______________(live) in a beautiful detached house near the city centre.Everything is nice here except for one thing. The weather! In England, the weather (3)______________ (be/often) rainy but today it is warm and the sun  (4)_________________(shine). I am writing this letter to you sitting in a park. There are many  children (5)_________________(play) in the park so it's a bit noisy but it's still beautiful. John's parents are very nice people. I hope you meet them soon. John's father is a film director. He (6)_________________ (begin) his tenth film, which is about aliens, last week. He (7)_________________ (work/still) on it. John's mother was a nurse but now she's at home all the time. She (8)_________________ (stop) working because she has some health problems. She (9)_________________ (go)to the hospital any more.
John is happy to be here. You can easily see that. He was 65 kilos a month ago but now he's 70 . He
(10)_________________(put) on five kilos, I think, because of his mother's meals. He is also excited about his new job at university. He (11)_________________ (give) up his job in high school last week to get this job. John and I are very busy with the wedding preparations so I (12)_______________(see) many places yet. We only (13)_________________(visit) the National Art Gallery two days ago because there was an exhibition there. Tomorrow we are going horse riding. I (14)_______________
(never/ ride)  a horse in my life so I'm really excited about it. I hope I have a chance to see more of
London before we get married.
See you soon,