Fill in the blanks using the correct forms of the words in brackets.

  1. The bank _______________ asked to see my passport. (cash)
  2. This is not my ________________ on the check! (sign)
  3. .  H. Şaş is one of the most ______________football ____________ in Turkey.(success)  (play)
  4. Doctors usually work long hours ________________________ taking a break. (with)
  5. ________________________ is a good way to keep fit. (swim)
  6. The match between G.S.  and Real Madrid was _______________, wasn’t it? ( forget)
  7. Computer is the most important __________________ of the 29th century. (invent)
  8. There is a full page ________________ in today’s paper for ‘Aria’. (advertise)
  9. The little girl couldn’t sleep alone after she watched a ________________ film on TV. (fright)
  10. It wasn’t ________________ when I went out but ______________it started to rain.    (rain) (sudden)
  11. Women prefer ___________________ cosmetics because they are less _____________. (nature) (danger)
  12. His _________________ to join the army shocked everybody. (decide)
  13. Police gave a detailed _________________ of the missing child. (describe)
  14. The _____________of the Beauty contests usually become very _____________. (win) (fame)