Fill in the blanks using prepositions ( preposition worksheets )

1.       The bus is going to arrive ____________ Ankara ____________ ten minutes.
2.       Can you pass that book ______________ me?
3.       The bird flew away ______________ the open window.
4.       We went _______________ a picnic last Saturday. The picnic area was __________ a river. We walked ______________ the river and we went _____________ the hills to take photos. Some children jumped _______________ the water and some of them swam _______________ the river ______________ the other side. It was a lovely day!
5.      Look! A helicopter is flying ______________ the village.
6.      The policeman wanted the boy to take the gun _________________ his pocket and put it ___________  the floor.
7.      He was ill so he didn’t shave _________________ two days.
8.      A: It’s boring, I won’t watch this film. Will you please turn _____________ the TV?
         B: But I want to see the end _______________ it!