Complete the story with the correct form of the verbs

Columbus ______________ (believe) that the earth ___________ (be) round. He __________to sail west from Europe to India. He ____________ (ask) for money and ships for his journey from the king of Portugal, but the king ____________ (refuse). So Columbus ____________ (go) to Spain and Queen Isabella ___________ (give) him three ships.
            Columbus __________ (sail) from Spain on August 3rd, 1942. He __________ (know) about the winds and weather because he ___________ (be) a good sailor, but his men _________ (be) afraid. Things ____________ (become) difficult and his men ___________ (want) to sail back to Spain, but Columbus ____________ (not, listen) to them. 
            The journey ___________ (take) ten weeks. Then a sailor __________ (see) a bird! They ______________ (understand) that they __________ (be) near land.
                       On October 12th, 1942 Columbus ______________ (carry) the Spanish flag onto the island and he ____________ (name) the island San Salvador.