Complete the following dialogues

Sam: ___________________________________________________?
Bob:  I was at Lucy’s party.
Sam: ___________________________________________________?
Bob:  She lives in Covent Garden near the market.
Sam: Oh! Really. _______________________________________ a party?
Bob:  Because it was her thirtieth birthday.
Sam: Was it crowded? __________________________________?
Bob: There were about 20 people. Her friends from school and neighborhood.
Sam: ________________________________________________________ the food?
Bob: Oh! Lots of food. We ate hamburgers, sandwiches, crisps, and champaign.
  The food was delicious.
Sam: _________________________________________________________?
Bob: When I came home it was about 2 a.m.
Sam: ________________________________________ Carla, my ex-girlfriend there.
Bob: No. But I saw Rosaline my ex-girlfriend. She looked horrible, though.

Mary: Hello, Lucy ________________________________________ last night?
Lucy: I was at the cinema.
Mary: ______________________________________________________________?
Lucy: ‘The Others’
Mary: ____________________________________________________________ it?
Lucy: Yes, it was great! ________________________________ science-fiction films?
Mary: No, _________________________. I like comedies.
Lucy: My mother _____________________________________________, too.
Mary: What _________________________________ now? Is she _____________________?
Lucy: Yes, she’s making a cake in the kitchen.
Mary: _________________________________________________________________well?
Lucy: Yes, she _______________________. She’s a good cook.
Mary: What about you? ________________________________something special so far?
Lucy: Me! You’re joking! I ________________________________________ in my life!

David: I’ve got a terrible headache!
Sue: Shall I _______________________________________________________________?
David: Thank you but I can’t _________________________________________________
Sue: I’ll _________________________________________________________ then.
David: OK. That’s better.

Bob: What a boring day! I’m bored! Shall we ___________________________________?
Ted: I’m afraid I can’t. I have to ______________________________________________
Bob: Let’s ____________________________________________________ instead, then.
Ted: OK. That’s a good idea. I’ll _______________________________________________.

Toby : You come from Brazil, don’t you?
Sandra: That’s right. I live in Santos.
Toby : __________________________________________ another country?
Sandra: Yes, I’ve been to Uruguay.
Toby : _______________________________________________ in Uruguay ?
Sandra: We went to Punta del Este.
Toby : That’s a seaside town isn’t it? ________________________________ hotel?
Sandra: No, I haven’t. They are too expensive.
Toby : ______________________________________________________?
Sandra: No, we didn’t. We drove there.
Toby : Uruguay is a long way from Santos. _______________________________ ?
Sandra: It took two days.
Toby : ­­­_____________________________________________________________?
Sandra: Yes, I liked it there very much.
Toby : _________________________________________________ in an aeroplane.
Sandra: Yes, I’ve flown from Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Vitoria.
Toby : ________________________________________________________ ?
Sandra: I went to Sao Paulo two years ago.
Toby : _______________________________________________________ ?
Sandra: No, I’ve never been to Rio de Janerio.

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