Complete the dialogue. Use some, any, no, a lot, a, how much and how many.

Chris is going on shopping. Laura and Chris are preparing a shopping list.

            Chris: Have we got ____________ bread?
            Laura: Yes, we have got ___________ in the cupboard.
            Chris: ___________ bread have we got?
            Laura: One loaf.
            Chris: We have got ___________ biscuits or crisps, Laura. Not any.
            Laura: Could you buy _________ ,then?
            Chris: OK. What about potatoes?
            Laura: Yes, there are _______________ of potatoes.
            Chris: ____________ cartons of milk have we got?
            Laura: Let me see! We’ve got enough, three cartons. Would you like __________ ice-cream before you go shopping?
            Chris: Yes, please. And can I have _________  glass of water, too?
            Laura: Yes, of course. Here you are.