Choose the correct words from the box to complete the sentences.

flat     serious   tiring      painting     bored     driving – licence     honest     shy     farm     other     windy     castle     museum     factory    bakery   important

    • She is very __________. She hates talking in front of people.
    • The weather is ____________ today. Take your jacket with you.
    • Mike is a very ____________  man. He is a man of his word.
    • In summer I and my brother always work in our uncle’s ______________. We like animals.
    • My father has got a ______________ shop. I love being there. Cakes smell very nice.
    • I am _______________ with the lessons. I want to take a holiday.
    • She has got a _______________ illness.
    • We live in a ____________ but we prefer a house.
    • I always underline the ______________ words in class.
    • I don’t have a _________________ so I don’t have a car.
    • My father’s job is very ________________He goes to bed very early in the evening.
    • Do you know any ____________ languages than English?