English Speaking Exercises for A2 – Choosing a job

1. Complete the definitions with the words below.

enthusiastic      flexible      friendly      good at communicating

honest      patient      physically fit      reliable

1) If you’re ________, you don’t get cross if you have to wait.

2) If you’re ________, you talk clearly and people find you easy to understand.

3) If you’re ________, you don’t get tired easily.

4) If you’re ________, you tell the truth.

5) If you’re ________, you get on well with people.

6) If you’re ________, you have a very positive attitude to work.

7) If you’re ________, you’re able to do lots of different things.

8) If you’re ________, people can trust you to do things.

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1) patient   2) good at communicating   3) physically fit

4) honest   5) friendly   6) enthusiastic   7) flexible

8) reliable

2. Which qualities from exercise 1 do you think you have? Write three.

I think I’m ________ , ________ and ________

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3. Read the task below. Then listen to a candidate doing the task and tick the job he chooses.

You want a part-time job in order to earn some money while you’re at school. Discuss the two job advertisements with a member of staff at the job agency. Decide which job you will apply for and why.

Part-time waiter needed to work in our popular city-centre café. Hours: 6 – 10 p.m. Mon – Fri. £6.50 an hour plus tips.

Gardener needed to work part-time at Highfleet Hall. Hours: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sat and Sun. £6.50 an hour.

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Speaking Strategy

When you discuss a topic and give reasons for your opinions, try to include some complex sentences. For example, use words like although /even though, nevertheless and however to make contrasts.

4. Read the Speaking Strategy. Then listen again and complete the sentences with the words below.

although      even though      however      nevertheless

1) I know it’s only four hours a day. ________, it’s at the end of the day when I am already tired.

2) I enjoy working outside ________. the weather is often bad.

3) _____. the hours are quite long, they’re all at the weekend.

4) The money is slightly better too. ________, I’m sure the other job is right for me.

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1) even though   2) although   3) however   4) nevertheless

5. You are going to do the task in exercise 3. Look at the two jobs below and make notes.

Sportscoach needed to work at our weekend activity camps. Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Sat and Sun. £6.50 an hour.

Receptionist needed to work evenings at the Gallery of Modern Art. Hours: 7 – 10 p.m. Mon – Fri. £8.00 an hour.

Which job do you prefer? ______________

Why this job? ____________________



Why not the other job? ________



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6. Now do the task in exercise 3, using your notes from exercise 5.

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1. Read the Strategy. Then complete the phrases you can use to speculate with the words below.

expect      judging      maybe      me      probably      say

1) I ________. he’s well-paid.

2) _____. by his expression, I’d ________. he’s preparing for an important meeting.

3) To ________, he looks as if he’s stressed, but ________. he’s just concentrating.

4) He’s ________. feeling stressed.

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