English Speaking Exercises for A1 – Making arrangements

1. Complete the dialogue with the questions below.

how about 2.30?      do you fancy going bowling on Saturday?

shall I come to your house and pick you up on the way?

what about Sunday?      what time?

Max Hi, Daisy. 1) ___________

Daisy That’s a great idea. But I’m afraid I can’t. I’m busy on Saturday. I’m going shopping in London with sister.

Max Well, 2) ___________ Are you free then?

Daisy Well, I’m going to the cinema in the morning, but I’m free in the afternoon.

Max OK, why don’t we go after lunch then? 3) ___________

Daisy Great idea. 4) ___________

Max5 ___________

Daisy Cool. See you at house at 2.30.

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1) Do you fancy going bowling on Saturday?

2) what about Sunday?

3) Shall I come to your house and pick you up on the way?

4) What time?

5) How about 2.30?

2. Complete the table with the words below.

the beach      a café      cards      computer games      dinner      football

friends      ice skating      swimming      a walk

Free-time activities


1) _____ / tennis /

2) _____ / 3) _____


Bowling / 4) _____ / dancing / rollerblading / 5) _____

go to

The cinema / 6) _____ / 7) _____

go for

8) _____


lunch / 9) _____


10) _____

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1) cards 2) computer games 3) football 4) ice skating

5) swimming 6) a café 7) the beach 8) a walk

9) dinner 10) friends

3. Complete the suggestions below with five different activities from exercise 2. Use the correct form of the verb (-ing form or the infinitive without to).

1) Do you fancy ____________ this evening?

2) Shall we ____________ tomorrow night?

3) Why don’t we ____________ at the weekend?

4) How about ____________ on Sunday?

5) Let’s ____________ tomorrow morning.

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Do you fancy/How about + -ing

Shall we/Why don’t we/Let’s + infinitive without to

4. Put the phrases below into the correct groups.

Cool      I’m afraid I can’t      Great idea      No, thanks

Sorry, but I’m busy      That sounds fun      Yes, I’d love to

Agreeing to a suggestion

1) _________

2) _________

3) _________

4) _________

Declining a suggestion

1) _________

2) _________

3) _________

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Agreeing1) Cool. 2) Great idea. 3) That sounds fun.   4) Yes, I’d love to.

Declining1) I’m afraid I can’t 2) No, thanks. 3) Sorry, but I’m busy.

5. Listen to a dialogue. Choose the correct answers.

1) Sam doesn’t want to go ice skating because

he's busy.    he doesn’t like ice skating.

2) Sam is free on

Saturday morning.    Saturday evening.

3) They agree to meet at 10.30 at

the café.     the cinema

4) They agree to have lunch

before the film.    after the film.

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1) he doesn’t like ice skating 2) Saturday morning

3) the cinema 4) after the film

6. Listen again. Tick the phrases in exercise 4 that you hear.

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Agreeing Cool.   That sounds fun.   Yes, I’d love to.

Declining I’m afraid I can’t   No, thanks.


Lottie Hi, Sam.

Sam Hi, Lottie.

l Fred and I are going ice skating on Friday evening. Do you want to come too?

s No, thanks. I don’t really enjoy ice skating.

l Well, what are you doing on Saturday evening? Shall we go out then?

s I’m afraid I can’t. We’ve got relatives staying. But I’m free on Saturday morning. The new Bradley Cooper film is out. Do you fancy going to the cinema?

l Yes, I’d love to.

s OK, let’s meet at the cinema at 10.30.

l Cool.

s And we can have lunch in a café after.

l That sounds fun.

s OK. See you on Saturday.

l See you.

7. Which tense do we use for future arrangements? Choose the correct answer.

the present simple

the present continuous

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The present continuous

8. Write notes about your future arrangements.

1) What are you doing this evening?



2) What are you doing tomorrow morning?



3) What are you doing on Saturday?



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your own answers

9. Now act out a dialogue to make arrangement using your notes from exercise 8.

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your own answers

Extra exercises


In a guided conversation make sure you respond to your partner before moving on to a new point.

1. Read the Strategy. Then match sentences 1-5 with responses A-E.

1) Do you fancy going for a walk?

2) It’s a lovely day.

3) Are you free this weekend?

4) Is that new restaurant expensive?

5) I think we should stay in tonight.

a I don’t think so. Let’s look at the website.

b Great idea. Where shall we go?

c I agree. Shall we watch a DVD?

d Sorry, but I’m busy. How about next weekend?

e You’re right. Let’s go to the beach.

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1) B   2) E   3) D   4) A   5) C