Practice Listening English Exercises for B1 – Stress and health

Listening task 1: Relax!

A Listen. Mia is feeling stressed out. What activities does her friend suggest? Number the activities from 1 to 5. (There is one extra activity.)


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(top row) 3, 2

(middle row) 5, X

(bottom row) 1, 4

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BListen again. Will Mia follow her friend’s suggestions? Check (✓) yes or no.








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1) no   2) no   3) yes   4) yes   5) yes



Friend :   Are you OK, Mia? You look really tired.

Mia :   I am. I can’t seem to sleep at night. I’ve been pretty stressed out lately.

Friend :   What’s up?

Mia :   I’ve got so many things to do. I’m just really busy at work these days.

Friend :   Why don’t you take a vacation, you know, just a few days off from work? Go someplace warm – to the beach!

Mia :   Gosh, boss wouldn’t like that at all! We have this huge project to work on. They really need me now.


Friend :   Well, you need to find a way to relax. Are you getting any exercise?

Mia :   No, not really.

Friend :   Maybe you should join a gym. You know, take an aerobics class or something. I always have more energy after I go to the gym.

Mia :   I just don’t have the time. I think I’d be even more stressed out!


Friend :   There must be something you can do. Hey, didn’t you tell me there’s a lunchtime yoga class at your office?

Mia :   Yes, it just started a few months ago.

Friend :   Yoga is a great way to deal with stress, and it would probably help you sleep at night.

Mia :   Yeah, and the class is just half an hour, so I’d still have time to eat lunch. Hmm. That’s a really good idea.


Friend :   Oh, I just remembered this article I read in a health magazine. It was all about relaxation techniques.

Mia :   Really? Like what?

Friend :   Well, like yoga, and exercise, and – oh, yeah – aromatherapy!

Mia :   Aromatherapy? You mean like smelling things?

Friend :   Yeah. The article said some smells can be very relaxing.

Mia :   Hmm. Sounds interesting. I think that’s something I’d like to try.


Friend :   How about going out with me this Friday? It’ll do you good. We could go out to eat, then maybe see a movie. You need to have a little fun.

Mia :   You know, that does sound good. I could use a little fun.

Friend :   Now you’re talking! Why don’t I pick you up at six o’clock on Friday?

Mia :   Sounds like a plan. But now I’ve really got to get back to work.

Friend :   Mia, you’re hopeless!

Listening task 2: What’s it good for?

A Listen. People are talking about health and relaxation. Where are they? Circle the correct answers.

1) a. a tea shop

b. a sports gym

2) a. a doctor’s office

b. an aromatherapist’s office

3) a. a yoga class

b. a massage therapist’s office

4) a. a sports gym

b. a health food store

5) a. a doctor’s office

b. a yoga class

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1) a   2) b   3) b   4) a   5) b

Audioscripts inb below

BListen again. Check (✓) the two health benefits for each technique.

sleep better

feel younger

look younger

have more energy

feel calmer






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1) sleep better, look younger

2) feel younger, have more energy

3) sleep better, feel calmer

4) look younger, have more energy

5) feel younger, feel calmer



Man :   This place is great. They have so many different choices. What kind are you going to have?

Woman :   Hmm, I’m not sure. Here’s a green one with mint and ginger. That sounds good.

Man :   Yeah, the menu says if you drink it every day, you’ll sleep better, and it will make you look younger, too!

Woman :   Well then, that’s definitely the one for me!


Salesclerk :   Can I help you?

Man :   I hope so. I’ve been feeling kind of tired lately. I need some more energy.

Salesclerk :   Here. Try this.

Man :   Mmm ___ that’s nice. Is it, um, lemon?

Salesclerk :   Yes, and there are also some flower scents. It’ll help you feel younger and have more energy, too.

Man :   Wonderful! I think I feel younger already! How do I use it?

Salesclerk :   You just put a few drops on a handkerchief, like this, and smell it a few times every hour. Or you can add some hot water__


Massage therapist :   Is this your first time here?

Woman :   Yes, actually. friend recommended you. You really helped her with her back problem.

Massage therapist :   And what sort of problems are you having?

Woman :   Well, I’m very stressed out. I just can’t seem to relax.

Massage therapist :   Mm-hmm. And where in your body are you feeling the stress?

Woman :   shoulders and neck. Sometimes I’m so stressed out I can’t sleep at night, and that just makes it worse.

Massage therapist :   I see. Well, I think this will help you sleep better and feel calmer. Let’s start with your neck.


Sandy :   Hi, I’m Sandy. I’ll be showing you around today.

Dan :   Thanks, I’m Dan.

Sandy :   So, Dan, why did you decide to become a member?

Dan :   Well, uh, as you can see, I’m a bit, um, heavyset. friends tell me I look older lately__ and energy has been kind of low, so I thought losing some weight might help me feel better.

Sandy :   Well, you’ve come to the right place! Exercising regularly can help you look younger. And when you get in shape, you’ll have more energy, too. Do you do any exercise now?

Dan :   Not much. I do walk to work but, uh, office is just down the street from apartment.


Woman 1 :   Hi, are you new here?

Woman 2 :   Yeah, I am.

Woman 1 :   Oh, you’ll love it here. Claire is a great teacher.

Woman 2 :   Well, I know I need this. I got an office job last year, and I’m really stressed out. muscles are so tight. I feel like I’m ten years older than I am.

Woman 1 :   Well, this should help you feel younger and feel calmer. Come on, I’ll show you where to get your mat.

Listening task 3

Listen. Circle the correct answers.

1) The people are

    a. a doctor and a patient.

    b. brother and sister.

    c. two friends.

2) The people are

    a. at a relative’s house.

    b. outside a store.

    c. at the park.

3) Andy exercises because he wants to

    a. have more energy.

    b. feel younger.

    c. look younger.

4) Sarah is

    a. an aromatherapist.

    b. a student.

    c. a massage therapist.

5) Andy will probably

    a. never have a massage.

    b. stop jogging.

    c. try getting a massage.

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1) c   2) c   3) a   4) b   5) c


Sarah :   Hi, Andy!

Andy :   Oh, hi, Sarah! How’s it going?

Sarah :   Good, thanks. Have you been jogging?

Andy :   Yeah. I come here every morning. I love starting the day with some exercise. It really gives me more energy, and I just feel calmer all day long.

Sarah :   Wow. That’s great.

Andy :   So, what’s new with you these days, Sarah?

Sarah :   Well, I’m in school. I’m studying to be a massage therapist.

Andy :   Really? I’ve never had a massage. doctor told me it might help me sleep better, though.

Sarah :   Oh, it definitely will. Hey, you should come to the school. The students give free massages on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Andy :   Free? Wow! What days did you say? ___

Listening task 4

A Listen. People are talking about ways to relieve stress and other health problems. What activities do they suggest? Circle the correct answers.

1) a. meditation

    b. massage

    c. yoga

2) a. aromatherapy

    b. a hot bath

    c. herbal tea

3) a. massage

    b. yoga

    c. exercise

4) a. exercise

    b. sleep

    c. vacation

5) a. massage

    b. aromatherapy

    c. meditation

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1) a   2) c  3) b   4) a   5) b

Audioscripts inb below

BListen again. Will the people follow the suggestions? Check (✓) yes or no.








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1) no   2) no   3) yes   4) yes   5) yes



Man :   Hi, Olivia. How are you doing?

Olivia :   Oh, not too well. I’m so stressed out from work.

Man :   You really need to relax. Why don’t you try meditation? Just an hour a day can really help.

Olivia :   I can’t do that! I don’t have time!


Woman :   Are you OK, Andy?

Andy :   Actually, I have a headache.

Woman :   Oh, let me make you a hot cup of tea.

Andy :   For a headache?

Woman :   Yes. It’s a special type of herbal tea.

Andy :   Thanks, but I really don’t want any. I’ll just take an aspirin.


Man :   Oh, hand hurts from working on the computer all day.

Woman :   You know, when your hand hurts, it often means you have a stiff shoulder. Here, try this stretch.

Man :   Hey, that does help! Where did you learn that?

Woman :   In yoga class. You know, I have class tomorrow morning. You should come with me.

Man :   OK. Can you pick me up on your way to class?

Woman :   Definitely!


Woman :   I don’t know why I feel so tired all the time.

Man :   You probably don’t get enough exercise.

Woman :   I don’t get any exercise.

Man :   Well, that’s your problem. Why don’t you join a gym?

Woman :   I don’t have the energy to go to the gym after working all day.

Man :   But, if you exercised regularly, you’d have more energy.

Woman :   That’s true. All right. I’ll stop by that new gym on way home tonight.


Man :   Hi, Amanda. Are you feeling better today?

Amanda :   Not really. I couldn’t sleep again last night.

Man :   Amanda, you really need some rest. Have you tried aromatherapy?

Amanda :   Aroma what?

Man :   Before you to go bed, you smell a special type of oil. It’s made from herbs that help you relax and sleep better.

Amanda :   That’s all it takes? Hmm. Where can I get some of that?