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Read the following text and fill in the gaps with the correct verbs

Die ,  divorce  ,  watch  ,  study  ,  marry  ,  continue  ,  return  ,  love  ,  say  ,  work  ,  care  ,  complete  ,  call  ,  appear


It was like a fairy – tale when the beautiful young girl married the prince and became the Princess of Wales. Unlike the fairy tale, the happiness soon ended, but Diana was still The People’s Princess.

Read the article again and match the headings to the paragraphs. Then answer the questions below.

1  When and where was Diana born?
2  Where did she study?
3  When and where did she marry Prince Charles?
4  How many children did they have?
5  Why was she popular?
6  When did they divorce?
7  When and where did she die?

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