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 Twenty-four-year-old Emma comes from Manchester, in the north of England, but now she doesn’t live in England; She lives in the United States. Her apartment is near the beach in Santa Rosa, California. ‘It’s fantastic’ she says. ‘I go swimming every morning’. Emma is an actress; she lives in Los Angeles because It’s near Hollywood., the home of the American film industry. ‘I love the way of life here,’ she says ‘ It is a beautiful and exciting place … the weather is really good – it doesn’t rain very much, like at home!  - the people are open and everyone looks so good! The only problem is that people think my accent is strange…when I speak to taxi drivers, sometimes they don’t understand me.

Read about Emma and answer the questions below. Give short answers if possible.

  1. Where is she from?_________________________________________________
  2. What is her job?____________________________________________________
  3. Where does she live?________________________________________________
  4. Does she like it?_____________________________________________________
  5. What kind of a problem does she have?___________________________________

What do these words refer to?

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